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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 8
Tiny sees two men who look like the where something and Orc and Gollum had when there was a crazy night for the Lord of the Rings Bad Guy Annually Party threating a very pretty women.
Tiny was having none of that he steps in front of them and say to the Lady
"Hello what has a pretty thing like you doing getting ruffed house by two men who are dumber that a Troll well I think I have to help you.
Tiny turns around and tells Wolfe to bite on of them in the but while Death jumpso of his pokeball and bite the other one both of the men drop to the floor Eveevee grabs one of the pokeball and Pigd grabs the other Spookey comes out and hit them both with Psychic holding them down Tiny then get rope and ties them up withboth of them are tied up to a rope that is longer han the Brigde and Spookey lifts both of them up and drops them off the bridge but the rope hit the brigde and there both hand there with the rope keeping them there and both of keeping them balance then Tiny realease kick there pokeball into a bin.
Then Lady run up to tiny going my hero.

Official's Post

Tinys trek over the bridge goes pretty smooth after the run in with the goons. The pretty trainer Danie was really happy you helped and waved goodbye with a big smile. Once you reach the first check point you stop to admire the site.

As you stand there you hear the sound of a loud bird call.

You watch as a Tailow lands near you

Write a paragraph about the battle or capture.

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