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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

After walking for a while I finally reached Professor Cedar's laboratory. I enter and go straight to were the Professor is standing. As I walk I start thinking what Pokemon Im going to choose as my partner.

“Now, I suppose you are here for your starter Pokemon. We have a very large variety of Pokemon here as we believe that each person has a different affinity with each Pokemon and we want to produce strong bonds between Pokemon and Trainers. You may choose 1 Pokemon to take on your journey. You will also receive a PokeGear for communicating with other Trainers and 5 PokeBalls. Now choose your partner wisely!”

She hands me a form and I start filling it up. Surprisingly it only consists of two blank spots.

Name: Luis
Pokemon: Magikarp

''Here ya go Professor'', I hand out the form with a smile on my face.
Wifi Record: Pending till further notice.

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