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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 8
Tiny walks on to the brigde as soon as the first foot steps on it he letts out Wolfe, Eveevee and Pigd out there Pokeball and then Wolfe and Eveevee run and Pigd fly beside Tiny as he run over the Brigde so that nothing getts in his way.
Thank goodness that stupid Gyarados is out of the way! What the heck was it's problem, anyway?

Well, whatever it was, it seems to have settled its differences with the bridge. You continue down the bridge without no opposition whatsoever.

However, as you near the end of the bridge... you see a group of darkly dressed persons surrounding a young woman.


"Leave me alone!" the woman shouts at the group.

"Just give us your Pokemon, Lady, and we'll back off," one of the people, a gruff-looking young man, growls at us.

"Never!" the woman retorts, looking ready to punch someone. "You're a bunch of cruel-hearted thugs! You have no feelings for Pokemon whatsoever."

"Shut up or we'll mess up that pretty face of yours," another man grunts, lifting a Poke Ball threateningly.

Uh, oh! Looks like trouble--things might get ugly quick. What does you do?

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