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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Cobalt watched Nightfang prepare to defend the Valley Pokemon.
"Should I side with her?" Cobalt thought to himself, "Not many of our Pokemon look like they are in fighting condition. Even Nightfang looks injured. I was lucky that they didn't hurt me too badly."

Nightfang continued to bare her teeth.

"Stuff it, if she can do it, even injured, I can too."

Cobalt stood forward next to Nightfang, and got into a fighting stance. he shook his wrists, and black blades extended in a split second, making him look far more intimidating than usual.

"What's it gonna be 'Soul-Flyer'" Cobalt said to the obviously insane bird pokemon, "Gonna apologize to the little guy?"

This would have been my first proper fight as a Gallade. No sneaking up, and knocking out. I was curious as to how it would end.

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