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Like any other night I (Ghost) was out and about with my mates, drifting up the mountains to the meeting place where we met every night for the past 7 years. It was around 2:30am. The cops were too scared of this place. Mess up a corner and you’re dead. I was a passenger until last year.
In my 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback, jet-black in colour, 302 V8, with the number plate “GHOST”. All the boys were at the top of the mountain just hanging out with their cars ready for a night of street racing. Until I saw in the far distance a strange white/orange light fly from the sky and hit the ground a good 15 kilometres away. I simply got in my car and started to drive off toward it. Jimmy then spoke to me through my UHF radio, “Ghost, Ghost are you there? If you’re there push talk two times.”
So I did. He knew I don’t talk any more. Not since Mum was killed.
“chhhh” “chhhh”. Jimmy came through again, “If you’re going home push three times”.
So Jimmy didn’t come after me I pushed three times. Now they know where I’m going, I can get there a bit quicker, so off I went flying down the mountain 80kph round corners with the rear of the car out drifting round the bends of the road. It came to a straight at the bottom of the mountain; this straight must have been over 10km’s long, after reading the sign, I learnt that this was Smith’s Straight. This was the road I used to drive on with my dog “Nulla” before he passed away. Nothing ever filled that gap with him gone. After thinking of my old dog, I became filled with rage, and totally forgot about the meteor. I drove down the road, leaving a burnout mark that must have been nearly 100 metres long. 70kmph, 100,150,170,200,257kmph. I was flying, until I saw in the distance the road completely destroyed. I slammed on the brakes, skidding for ages pulled to the right and ended up parallel with the crash site, a massive hole with all but a white egg, which had a black blade sort of thing on it. I went to pick it up, but as I touched it the egg faded away, all that was left was a snow white dog looking animal with the black blade coming off the side of its head.
“Ab, Absol!” he cried. I decided to name him Blade. When I thought to name him this he nodded as if he knew what I was thinking. There was something around blades neck, it was an amulet, with a metal chain and the keypeice was again a black blade that looked exactly the same as Blade’s. He bowed down as if telling me to take the amulet, so I did. I felt it and as I rubbed the back, causing a symbol appear. I rubbed it again and all around me vanished then reappeared as a jungle. First thing I did was look for Blade, he was standing right next to me. I felt a sense of belonging to Blade. He filled the gap of Nulla, my dog who I had as long as I could remember. My car was gone, but that didn’t concern me at this current time. There was a giant building of stone with a doorway in front of me. The doorway had symbols all over it, one just like mine. I looked at it and Blade pushed his head against the back of my leg telling me to go in. So I did…
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