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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Trainer: Snow
Party: Razor(bulbasaur), Spike(rattata)
Location: Somewhere on route 1
look at that *flips open my pokedex* a sunkern hunh a grass type. go Spike* Spike runs to the front inbetween me and sunkern*
the sunkern descends from the tree slowly as i take the oppurtunity and order Spike to charge with tackle knocking the sunkern out the tree making it hit it's head on the rock at the bottom of the tree. The sunkern regains balance and uses a absorb trying to follow up with a leech seed but Spike dodged nimbly.
Snow: Spike use tackle again and keep a slight distance from the sunkern.
Spike goes to use tackle and the sunkern dodges it and tries to use leech seed once again as Spike dodges at the least possable second and countering with yet another tackle.
Snow: ok Spike now it's my turn!
I throw a pokeball at the sunkern and hold my breath with anticipation*

Official's Post

The little grass pokemon doesnt seem to be prepared for a battle.

the ball shakes back and forth
Keeps shaking
the ball stops ! Sunkern has been captured

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