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Name: Alieena "Leena" Crowfeather
Age: A few centuries old; she kind of lost count...
Gender: Female
Race: Warlock; Immortal creatures capable of using magic due to their half human, half demon lineage, though they are consequentially incapable of having children and bear a "mark" that reveals their nature as warlocks.
Affiliation: Aileena is pro-secrecy, but does not attach herself to any one group, instead acting on her own and helping other groups when asked to
Appearance: Despite her age, Aileena doesn't look much older than twenty, with a lean body that hides her enormous magical strength, covered in clear, fair skin. Wild, almost rust-colored hair, tumbles down to her mid-back in soft waves and is rarely pulled back. Thick lashes frame pale green eyes that seem to testify that Aileena has seen quite a bit in her lifetime. Up until this point, she seems fairly normal, however a pair of large black crow wings sprout from her back, near her shoulder blades. Due to her wings, Aileena tends to wear clothing that leaves her shoulders free, and it she wears anything to cover her arms, it's just a simple pair of sleeves or connected by a little bit of material that crosses her back above her wings...meaning she's most often found wearing things like camisoles and jeans along with a pair of worn looking combat boots that she appears to have a sentimental attachment to.
Personality: Aileena isn't the most outgoing person out there, but she isn't necessarily antisocial, either. She's kind enough to offer her help where it's asked for, though it may come with a price for those who aren't friends of hers. She has a strong protective instinct, but isn't the mother figure most would think would come with that instinct. Actually, she likes sarcasm, really trusts very few, and considers even fewer her friends. She doesn't talk about her past much, and while she is on fantastic terms with her father, don't bring him up. If you value your safety, don't bring up Aileena's family without her bringing them first. She's a bit inquisitive by nature, as well as a touch solitary; preferring the company of birds to other living creatures. By the way, she also has an intolerance for idiocy.
History: Born from the unholy union between a human mother and a demon father, Aileena's had quite the life. It has been made easier from time to time by her father, particularly when she was little, but those instances have been few and far between. As her father is a demon, she's never met the "real" him, though she has very faint memories of a man with dark hair and eyes taking her to another warlock when she was little, after her mother was killed when someone discovered the girl was growing a pair of wings at ten. The warlock she was taken to was kind, and taught Aileena much of what she knows today, though she has no idea what to call the woman who raised her on mostly healing magic, as well as a bit of offensive magic.

Since her mother's death and the few discovery incidents she's lived through, Aileena has become a strong believer in keeping the existence of mythological creatures a secret. All she has ever seen from the secret being uncovered has been death and destruction, and she doesn't wish to see any more. That was why she dedicated her potentially never-ending life to protecting those who would otherwise be attacked and killed for being different, as she nearly was at several points in her life. This wish to protect has shown itself in various ways throughout her long life, but has always been a part of her life since she decided that was what she wanted to do with her immortality.
Immortal-Aileena will not die from old age, in fact, she probably won't ever look older than she does now...however well-placed weapon or magic attacks will hurt her, and possibly kill her.
Crowtalon-An old halberd Aileena almost never uses, most often seen used as a wall decoration in her home that definitely shows its old age.
Mage-The demon blood running through Aileena's veins has given her access to real magic, which most often manifests itself in the form of green sparks around her hands when she taps into it to heal or use it as an offensive, where it shoots off her fingers as pale green lightning. She also uses it to keep her wings out of human sight without concealing the rest of her, something she has come to find incredibly helpful over the years. She can use more spells provided she has the right books to list the procedures and materials for her...and Leena has a lovely stash built up, but she refuses to take the books out of her house without a very, very good reason.
Crow-Lord's Daughter-Aileena has been able to understand and speak to birds ever since she was little, and it's often how she gets her information. She is capable of using her wings to fly
Other: She has a single companion one might deem "constant"; an American crow she calls Alois...and don't make him mad. He will attack you. He's also currently Leena's father's favorite way of contacting her.

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