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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Isaac Reed
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Cella was the first to voice her concerns about the plan. According to her, the four of us would work better as a team. But something was different. Though she seemed panicky before, she seemed more so now. She also kept looking over at Secily nervously and down at her pants. She must have noticed the blood too. Secily continued to hold her hand near the inside of her jacket. Suddenly it hit me. She must have a knife or something similar in there. I pulled the back off my phone, and put it in a good position where I could subtly disconnect the battery if I needed to. I then opened up a note on that and wrote a message.
"Secily has a knife, and has used it. Ditch her? Pretend you are fixing the phone, and write your response here. if she comes, pull out the battery."

"Argh, I wish this stupid phone was working." I said loudly. I looked over at Cella.
"Could you please take a look at this? I know how to fix cars, but I hate phones." I said, handing the phone to her at an angle where Secily couldn't see the display.

While Cella looked at the phone, I pulled out the map and had another look. I then had a look at the book again. On the contents page I found the page for the Police station. On this page was a floor map.

"If I lock her in the cell, she won't be able to hurt us, and nothing will be able to get to her if she is innocent. We will call the cops when we get out of here." I thought to myself. It was right past storage, "Good we can get some guns if things get messy."

"Okay so all four of us will partake in Operation Stupid?" I asked.

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