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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Party: Razor(bulbasaur), Spike(rattata)
Location: Route 1
hey let's go check to see what that shine is Razor
Razor: bulba
*starts walking to see what the shine inbetween the tree's are*

Official's Post

As you walk through the treeline you can't help but smile as you feel the warn breeze of the summers day against your cheek. Razor runs ahead of you taking the opportunity to roll around in the deep green grass. Not many footsteps make it this far out. Spike follows along side of you stopping only when it picks up a scent. The little Rattata moves ahead stopping right under a tree where berries seem to be falling on their own. You look up and berries drops down right between your eyes. After wiping it off you notice whats been going on.

In the tree you see

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