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Honestly, Winter. Why are you doing this to me? I'm already in a good number of RPs. Reserve me for... Actually, I think I'm going to revamp Michael for this. And an additonal reserve. I'm getting ideas. Evil ones.

Anyway, let's get started.

Name: Michael Mikulak
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human psychic- Capable of telekenesis, slight foresight, and-most saliently for Michael- reading and influencing emotions
Affiliation: Michael Mikulak.
Appearance: Michael is bony. Very. He stands at 5'9", and only weighs 120 pounds due to his interim in prison and then living off of the land. Although he hides it behind his baggy orange jumpsuit, seing his torso means you can count his ribs, and what little weight does seem to be on him is mostly bone with a very little muscle. His face is gaunt: his cheekbones are high and his cheeks are sunken in. He has bags under his brown eyes, and his brown hair, though short, gives the impression that it was cut by someone completely unprofessional. He's generally expressionless, and his skin has a grayish tint to its normal light brown shade (an indicator of his Latino heritage).

Personality: Michael is... unstable. He often stares into space for no apparent reason, focusing intently on things that are not there. His eyes have a haunted look, as though they have seen things they should not have. His voice is quiet, and he is generally seen dragging a stick intently on the ground. He looks positively harmless.

He's precisely as harmless as an alligator with its jaws around your throat, and exactly as likely to show you mercy.

Michael has knowledge of people, knowledge extensive enough that very few can avoid being manipulated ruthlessly by him then discarded as a useless toy, as he will occasionally do. He is almost completely without scruples, and he has a will that is not only strong, but also insidious. If he gets into mental combat with you, get the hell away. He was formally trained in thr theory of his psychic abilities for five years, and learned practically in the school of hard knocks for another three. He will (and did) torture, kill, cripple, and mentally dominate anyone idiotic enough to get in his way.

But he doesn't go out of his way to do such things. At the end of the day, Michael just wants to be left alone. People walking near him, touching him, or feeling anything anything particularly strongly startle Michael, maybe even scare him a little. The scars on his body indicate someone who has experienced a severe lack of kindness for the last few years, and being around crowds, with all the emotions he can feel, will drive him more than a little nuts. He basically believes that people are to leave him alone, and he'll leave them alone. But if he's crossed...

History: Michael was born to two very magically powerful people: his mother was an overwhelming psychic and his father was a shapeshifter (or, as Michael would put it: a were-whatever-the-hell-he-wants). From a young age, Michael's parents drilled into him that knowledge was power, and taught him of mythology as well as biology (in case he turned out like his dad) and physics (so that he could kick ass of he inherited from his mom) on top of regular school classes. They weren't exclusively concerned with drilling things into Michael, and in Michael's free time, his parents would indulge and show love to Michael, same as any other parent. And at night, when Michael was asleep, his parents would gamble as to whose gifts Michael would inherit.

This went on for a time, until Michael was 13. Then, They (Michael refuses to describe the people with anything else) came. For whatever reason-Michael never found out-They wanted to take the family captive. And Michael saw the true dangers of the supernatural for the first time. Michael's parents fought tooth and nail and fang and claw: Michael's father's form was absolutely fluid, shifting from one form to the next without much of a breather. Michael's mother induced absolute panic among the opposing soldiers, threw soldiers together and away like they were pebbles instead of people, and even manipulated the particles in the air to make fire and electricity. But in the end, Michael's parents were dead, and Michael was taken captive.

Michael still isn't sure what possessed Them to take him to whatever hellhole prison they did, but They took Michael to a hellhole prison. Not four days later, Michael's powers began to make themselves known to him. But a place as seeped in despair and fear as a prison is not the ideal place to come into empathetic powers-indeed, it can be a very bad place. Michael only held on because of one thing, one thing his father said to him a long time before:

"Michael, remember, hope is strength. It is the base strength. No matter what anyone does to you, they cannot take your hope. Only you can give it to them. Once you lose hope, you lose everything. Never give up hope."

This imprisonment continued for three years. Michael trained his psychic powers in the hope that he could use them to break free. And though Michael didn't get formal training (and kept his powers on the down low so that They didn't take precautions against them), he was an absolute natural at employing psychic abilities. But even as his powers grew, so to did the pain they caused him. And, in Michael's sixteenth year of life, he decided he had enough. He made himself as unnoticeable as he could (using his abilities to make himself appear uninteresting) and escaped.

This was not the end of it. For the next month or so, Michael began to truly use his powers and expand them. He could influence people. He could psychically throw large objects with near pinpoint accuracy. He could even manipulate heat and make sparks of fire and electricity, a sign of a truly advanced gift. To keep himself alive, Michael used his biological knowledge and psychic abilites to hunt and forage for food (as Their facility was isolated in the wilderness). But Michael did not forget what They did to him. And Michael is not the kind of person to forgive such crimes. And he needed to develop his talents further, and there weren't many people to practice on in the forest.

Michael began going back to Their building and influencing workers to leave. Only a few at a time, at first, before expanding his talents. And each time the workers left, they weren't heard from again. Michael crushed their wills one by one, and forced them to kill each other far away. In the end, when there weren't as many workers left, Michael took Their facility by storm and painfully executed every worker there before releasing the still somewhat stable inmates and painlessly killing those who were too far gone.

And this is where Michael is now. Powerful, broken, and nearly psychopathic, Michael has made Their building his home (they have well stocked fridges) as he tries to come to terms with himself now. He's jumpy and prone to violence. Proceed with caution.


Agelessness: Due to his powerful psychic abilities, Michael will stop aging after he reaches physical maturity

Telekinesis: Michael is capable of using his conviction to move objects around. His telekenesis is both strong and precise: he once sent 100 knives at multiple foes with a thought. It tires him though, to operate at full strength; if he exerts all his telekinetic might over even a short period of time, he'll be hungry, tired, and probably have a fever from overwork.

Empathy and Influence: This is Michael's strongest psychic gift, and it is both what makes him so dangerous and quite weak. Dangerous, because there is no slipping a lie past him, and he can influence your actions with a thought. If he is facing someone weak willed, he can even completely destroy their personailty, effectively killing their minds and taking control of their bodies. However, feeling that many emotions is very bad for emotional and mental health, and it is only Michael's exceptional strength of will and personality that has left him at all functional. Even then, he's not exactly playing with a full deck, and in a crowd, he'll probably lose it.

Precognition: Michael likes to sing. He even composes songs. But sometimes, those song's verses are prophetic. And he can't identify which is which.

Rope: Michael conceals a long strand of strong rope between his shirt and undershirt. He controls it telekinetically as he needs it.

Name: Mira (no last name she'll admit to)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Changeling- The scion of a mortal and one of the Aos Sí (the original fae of Celtic mythology), in Mira's case, one of the Winter Court.
Affiliation: Mira serves Queen Medb, the ruler of the Unseelie (Winter) Court. Medb favors keeping mythos, mythos to the general public. Mira doesn't personally care, but since the Queen basically decides on Mira's quality of life...
Appearance: Mira looks like your classic Snow White beauty: hair black like ebony, lips red as blood, skin as white snow, etc. Mira has icy blue eyes, and stands at 5'6", with striking features and inhuman beauty. Her outfit tends to vary depending on where she is: if she is in the real world, she'll tend to keep it simple: black T-shirt, blue jeans, hair in a prim and proper bun so that it'll stay out of the way. However, in the realm of Faerie, in the heart of Winter, on formal occasions, Mira will (only literally) let her hair down and wear a long black gown, studded with sapphires (the Unseelie Court could buy most countries at least 50 times) so that she can look her best, as appearances have a lot of weight among the Aos Sí. She, however, always wears one piece of jewelry: a silver ring with a snowflake shaped diamond on the top, which lets her contact or summon Unsselies. She doesn't do it often, though: they don't like to be summoned.

Personality: Mira is stoic. Extremely. She keeps her emotions under absolute control, and she is a creature dictated almost exclusively by reason. She identifies emotions and their potential influences and arrests them before they have a chance to take any sort of hold. She's capable of feeling, but she doesn't see any real logical reason to allow feelings to influence her or dictate her actions.

That said, Mira is a keen assessor of people. She can tell the general strength of a person's personality, and (due to her extensive exposure to the Unseelie nasties) can almost always immediately tell if someone is a supernatural creature, particularly a predator. She can tell with some accuracy the emotions of other people, and while she would never lie, she's very good at misdirecting, withholding information, saying things from a certain poit of view, interpreting statements differently...

Due to her expose to the nastiest of the fae, Mira is paranoid. Not paralyzingly so, but she has a plan in place for everything from chrysanthemums trying to take over the world to people trying to make her explode with their minds (this last one is obviously a lot more commonplace than you would think). She has weapons in her, well, everything really, and is clever enough to know how to use them. She is not bad at hand to hand, especially with her increased strength, and her magic is quite powerful.
History: Mira keeps her history under wraps. Quite a bit. What is known is that one of her parents is a Winter fae, and that it seems more likely to be her mother. We do not know for sure who her fae parent exactly is, although Mira's strength with Unseelie Magic leaves very few (powerful) candidates to be her mother. Questions about Mira's parents tend to end with the asker getting a blade in their guts and are therefore discouraged.

But what is known about Mira is that she has been in the political game between the Courts of Winter and Summer for a LONG time. She serves her Court primarily as a spy and assassin, and she does her job well. She is capable, efficient, and deadly, and her name is whispered among her enemies. But it's not really personal for her. She does her job. That's it.

Agelessness: After reaching physical maturity, Mira will stop aging.

Glamours: Like most of the denizens of Faerie, Mra can make minor illusions and become unnoticeable.

Unseelie Magic: Mira can call on the truly powerful magic of the Unseelie. This magic has a theme of taking: taking heat, taking consciousness, taking order, taking life. It is not evil, but it can destructive.

Inhuman Strength and Speed: Mira can MOVE. Like cross a football field lengthwise in about five seconds, move. And she can lift quite a bit.

Inhuman constitution: Mira will fully heal from all injuries much more quickly than a normal human being. In addition, she is more resilient to damage to begin with. However, the quick healing and toughness can be bypassed if one uses iron, since these powers are of Faerie, or if one can employ magics of the Seelie Court.

Knife of Banes: A wooden handled knife. Its blade is made of an alloy of steel and silver that Mira got from her fae parent, cooled at the forge with holy water, before being enchanted (by a mortal wizard, as the magic of the fae cannot affect iron) to be unbearable and undullable. As befits an assassin of Mira's caliber, it is meant to bypass as many superhuman toughness abilities as possible. Mira gave the blade its name. It's usual kept concealed along with many other more typical knives.

Unseelie Ring: A ring given to Mira by Queen Medb herself. It gives Mira the ability to summon any of the Unseelie Court, but not the ability to bind them. Ergo, she doesn't summon them often. It also allows her to speak to the Lady Medb, so that Mira may inform her of the situation.
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