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Default Re: Orion City Caverns

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Axel?

I wander into the deepest part of the cave. There is a large bountiful waterfall at the end. It seems to be a dead end. This was the heart of the cave. Where was Axel?

"Excuse me," I turned around. "Are you perhaps...Looking for me?" The man tapped my shoulder.

"Are you Axel?" I looked up at him.

"Heehee, got that right! I assume your hear to learn the HM I tutor?" He laughed, knowing my answer.

"Of course! Would you mind?!" I prepared to call out the Pokemon I was going to have learn it.

"No problem. Do you have a Pokemon I can teach it to?" He looked at Statica and Courage. "Neither of those can learn this move."

"Of course! I'm usually prepared." I called out Raini.

"Azu!" She happily cried. "So wh-" She realized a stranger was around. "Azuuu!"

"Did she just...?" He looked at me.

"Hmm? Did she just what?" I acted like I didn't notice she had talked.

"O-oh...nevermind." He seemed befuddled. "So, Azumarill is the one you want me to teach this move to?"

"Yep! Huge Power and Waterfall go spectacular together. Her attack is higher than any of my level 25 mons." I smiled, praising Raini.

"Azuu...!" She blushed.

"Alright Azumarill! Your strength and determination shines through. You'll learn Waterfall in no time at all!" He smiled at her.

She turned around to me and angrily frowned. Though powerful, she was very stubborn and distrusted strangers. She wouldn't even accept praise from them. "Azu...Azumarill." She glared.

Axel didn't seem to notice. I nudged her on. She trusted me completely, so she decided to accept the tutoring--reluctantly.

"The move is quite simple," Axel began. "Just rush with full speed up the falls." He smiled. "Go on, try it."

Raini stepped back, then dashed at the waterfall. She ended up getting half way on her first try before sliding down.

"Great job Azumarill! Your strength is superb! It takes a lot longer for most to do that!" Axel patted her back.

"...Azzzz." She growled. She didn't like strangers praising her, but much less touching her. I scolded her with a serious frown of disapproval. She frowned and then stopped growling. Again, Axel didn't notice.

"Alright, try again, with much greater and faster force." He pointed towards the falls.

"Azuuuu...MARILL!" She roared as she tackled the water. She mad it up to the top! She had a surprised look. "Az! Yes! Azuu!"

'She was talking...' Axel's face described his thoughts.

"Raini! Awesome! You've learned Waterfall!" I squealed happily.

Axel came up to me with the HM.

-and now we wait for an Official-
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