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Default Re: Weather Wars: Return of the Weather

Originally Posted by Dragonicwari View Post
I actually find it interesting that you labeled hail as the worst weather and that it can just about only be used in stall teams. Offensive Hail is actually incredibly anti meta, and it got me easily to the 1600's on ps during my first week and a half of battling after my 3 month absence. The only team type that actually overwhelms it is sun, which is also really uncommon
This was written quite a while ago before hail was quite as anti meta is now, one should take that into account.

Anti meta dose not make one great, if it were not for the current state of the metagame hail would be lost and forgotten as it's reliant on being bale to counter the current metagame to make it effective, giving it a brief time off effectiveness before it's put in it's place, again.
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