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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 8
Wolfe and Eveevee jump into there balls and Pigd Fly beside Tiny.
Death runs towards the Gyarados trying to attack it but it gets returned to it pokeball.
Tiny pulls out his travel chair and sits and watch the stupid Gyarados.
Official's Post

A wise man once said to wary of a beast that can both swim and a fly. You didnt seem to learn and your coy actions will cost you. You sit on the lawn chair hoping for some reason that it will do not have to do anything and you will be fine. The Red Gyarados doesnt agree and creates a Twister which in turn creates a tidal wave that splashes down on the bridge. The wave picks up you and and you pokemon sending you back Sirius City where you will have to wait out the rest of the 6 Hours until the bridge is cleaned off.

You have been washed back into Sirius City where you will have to wait 6 additional hours before you can go back onto Route 8

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