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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Red is all be held captive)
Location: Rocket's Underground Holding Cell.

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Meg makes her way down the hall and uses a key code she gets into the room with the cells. She pauses for a moment as she sees Jacen and Red sitting together in a cell.

Red eyes widen.
"Ah crap..."


Location: Moving through the Rocket Base under the Casino


Charlie and Stacy are dragged down the hall into a room and tossed on the ground. They hear a voice from the back room.

"are these the kids?"

Charlie and Stacy never see who is speaking but they can hear the voice. One of the grunts steps forward.
"No, there are two more in the building sir..."

"These kids dont matter...Geo..."

A man steps forward. but they can only see the back of him as he is in a room across from them. They can hear the conversation.
" Subject D should be our only focus."

"one of those girls is linked to him. She is important. Just get them altogether Blane !"

Blane turns off the screen and walks into the same room.
"Im going to make this quick which one of you is Meghan?"

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