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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 8
Wolfe and Eveevee jump out there ball and the run ahead of Tiny again.

Tiny lets Pigd out of his pokeball and tells him
"Fly above them and keep watch I have Death and Spookey if I run in to trouble."
Pigd flys above them Tiny lets Death out and tells him
"this is a long bridge and it take 36 hours to cross it but we should be fine as the next stop is where we are going to."
Tiny and death walk along the bridge with Eveevee, Wolfe and Pigd in front of him.
Run into trouble? Why, who would run into trouble on Route 8? It's just a bridge, right? One way forward, one way back--you can see the end of the bridge in either direction. Totally safe traveling, am I right?


The bridge suddenly jerks beneath your feet, causing you to fall down. Wolfe and Eveevee stop in their tracks, staring ahead in horror. You follow their gaze, confused and worried, when suddenly you see something rising from the water. And it. Is. HUGE. Serpentine in shape, its slick red scales glint in afternoon sun. For some reason, it glares at the bridge and roars at it challengingly.

Yep, it's a monster. But apparently, not a very smart monster. The red Gyrados opens its maw and blasts a powerful just of water at the bridge. The water runs right off, but the creature isn't dissuaded from its mission. Lifting its tail, it smashed into the bridge with enough force to cause a tremor to shake the entire thing. Even you are trembling because of this beast's ferocity.

Things are looking grim. Until this Gyarados gets over this grudge match with the bridge, it will be too dangerous to pass through. Turn back to Sirius City, or wait an additional 6 hours.

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