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Default Re: Navi Town

Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgey), Rotta(Rattata)
Currently: Exploring Navi Town

"Oh no we missed it.. Oh well lets try again some other time" Akmal said to his pokemon and they all seems disappointed.

"Come on guy cheer up we'll get one next time. Wanna go explore some more?"
Akmal asked his pokemon and they nodded. So Akmal continue moving and explore around Navi Town.

As he walks around the town Akmal noticed a building saying Trainer School. Akmal feels curious so he entered the building to see what's inside.
Ah, yes... My old shhhhhool house... Oh, pardon me! Merely reminiscing!

At any rate, Akmal enters the highly acclaimed Trainer School, where one can learn most anything about Pokemon. Akmal's pretty curious to see what's inside, but unfortunately it seems mostly vacated. The desks surrounding the classroom are unoccupied, and the chalkboard has been wiped clean. Akmal frowns and is about to turn back around when suddenly someone--or rather, something--enters the room.

A red-eyed fox looks at you curiously, the golden rings on its ears and forehead glowing brightly. The Pokemon is wearing a collar, thus Akmal assumes that it's a Trainer's Pokemon. But where could its owner be?

An Umbreon appeared?

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