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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

“Are you all right? For being injured, you definitely ran well enough to hide it,” the other commented, completely dodging my question. I shook my head again and dropped my hand, trying to ignore the dull stinging pain burning in my scars. I remembered my parents telling me I’d had them after I returned from being missing for a month, and even after all these years I still didn’t remember anything about the time I’d been gone or how I’d acquired the scars. All I remembered is after I came back, I’d had horrible nightmares and wake up screaming pretty much every night, though my memory of the nightmares was pretty much non-existent as well as any memory of when I’d been abducted.

“Looks like we're either in a hardware store, or someone really liked to keep around tools. There may be a first aid kit stashed somewhere in here if you need it,” she added, and I found myself looking around as well. It did seem that we were in a storage room of some kind, or it could just be a maintenance room like I’d originally thought. It didn’t matter either way; what mattered was that some of these things could double as weapons if need be, and if this was a hardware store, there’d be other things on the sales floor that could be used for defense. I waved a hand to dismiss the other woman’s worry and pushed off the wall, wincing again as the movement caused the pain in my scars to flare for a moment before settling back to a dull, persistent stinging.

“I’m not hurt, it’s just some old scars hurting all of a sudden. They’ve never hurt before, so I don’t really know what’s up, but after everything else that’s happened, it ranks pretty low on my list of concerns. For now, let’s see what we can find to protect ourselves with.” I headed to the only door leading into the room and cautiously turned the knob, pushing it open about an inch and peeking out into the main store. It appeared deserted from what I could see, which wasn’t much thanks to the tall shelves set up throughout the store. I could, however, see an isle of paint and another isle with assorted screwdrivers and such, and a bit further down was an isle with pieces of wood of varying sizes and colors. I closed the door and walked over to one of the shelves in the room we occupied, picking up some of the hammers and whipping them through the air. I found a few that were light enough to swing without causing much fatigue but still had enough heft to them to crack a skull or crush a leg bone, then faced the other woman.

“I didn’t see anything out there, but it’s impossible to see the whole store from here, so something could be lurking in one of the other isles or something. You might wanna grab a hammer or two or whatever, just in case something is out there. It looks like this is a hardware store or a DIY store of some kind, so there’ll be better things we can use as weapons out there, but I’d like to have something to protect myself with just in case something attacks us before we find anything else.” I then realized that I had no idea what this woman’s name was, and it would be awkward calling each other “hey you” all the time. “By the way, my name is Krystal. Nice to meet you, though the circumstances are pretty cruddy.”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

We didn’t get far before the sound of shattering glass reached us. It turned out to be some teenage boy, who appeared to have jumped from a second-story window of the school. We went to check on him but, surprisingly, he was already on his feet and limping away before we reached him. I paused for a moment and looked up at the broken window the kid had jumped, or possibly fallen, out of as Isaac went after him, calling for the boy to wait up. Something didn’t seem right about this…the way he’d hit the ground, he should have been too hurt to be walking away like he had nothing more than a sprained ankle. I tried my best not to let it get to me, since I was already coming way to close to having a panic attack, and instead turned my attention to the others. Just as I was lowering my gaze I heard two gunshots ring out; instinctively, I yelped and dropped to my knees, ducking my head in a rather useless attempt at keeping myself from being hit by any random bullets.

After the echoes of the gunshot faded, I cautiously raised my head and saw what looked like a heavily bandaged nurse wearing a dirty uniform lying on the ground. A wicked knife was held in one of her limp hands, and two bullet holes were leaking a thick, ichor-like blood. I stood and stumbled over to the others as Isaac helped the kid back to his feet; at some point he’d hit the ground again. I skirted around the broken nurse, horrified by how human this thing looked in appearance. It made me realize that even if I saw a human-like shape in the future didn’t mean what was approaching was remotely human in nature. I shuddered as I went by it, and thankfully we were on our way shortly after the incident.

We eventually reached the caretaker’s cabin, and we had a bit of good luck for once when Isaac found a street guide for the place, which was apparently called Silent Hill. I’d never heard of the place, but at least having a name for it made me feel a bit better. What made me feel better was the possibility of getting out of here, now that we had a map that would help keep us from getting lost.

I realized as Isaac was looking through the street guide that the newcomer, who I’d heard mention his name was James, didn’t know my name or Secily’s. I went to stand next to him and got ready to make the introductions, but at that moment the light from Isaac’s phone (which he was using as a flashlight) revealed a dark stain that hadn’t been present on Secily’s pants earlier. There was something dark and wet on the other woman’s pants, something that looked like blood. It didn’t look like it had come from an injury, but as though something that had been covered in blood had been hastily wiped across the fabric. I hadn’t heard anything to indicate she’d wrestled with something, no cries for help or screams of a monster. So where, exactly, had the blood come from? Or was it even blood? I was too nervous to confront her about it, so instead I turned my attention back to James.

“Hey there, I’m Cella and that over there is Secily,” I said. I was getting ready to ask if maybe he knew what the hell was going on, but before I could I heard the sound of ripping paper. I looked over to see Isaac tearing a page out of the book, which he then put into one of his pockets.

"I think that the school is on Old Silent Hill road. The interstate is south-east, and to the west is all wilderness. As dangerous as it sounds, I think our best bet is to try and get to the interstate,” the overall-clad man said, and after a moment James spoke up.

"How will we do that? I can barely walk with this limp."

"I am getting to that. The four of us will draw too much attention as a group. That is why we split up. I saw a wheelbarrow around the side of the cabin before. According to this map, we have to go past the hospital to get to the interstate. There will be painkillers there for James leg. I will carry James to the hospital in the wheelbarrow, and we will get him some painkillers, as well as anything else that could be useful. When James is able to walk, I will call Cella and Secily, who will make their way to the hospital. From there, we go to the interstate, and try to hitchhike our way home. If Secily and Cella don't get the call, they know we weren't able to make it. I know it is suicide, but it is the best plan we have." Once he was done, he picked up his gun and came over, handing it to me as well as a few clips. I stared blankly at the gun, having never fired or even held one in my entire life. It was heavier than I expected it to be, but I didn’t argue about taking it. I put the clips in my pocket and held the gun aimed at the floor, hoping I’d never have to use it but grateful for having something I could use against anything that attacked us.

"The clip in the gun has 6 bullets left, the other two have 8 each. Be careful with it,” he told me, and I nodded slowly. I didn’t bother mentioning I’d probably never be able to hit anything coming at me.

"Anyway, any objections to Operation Stupid?" he then asked, addressing everyone. James said he was in, but I had a bad feeling about all this.

“If you get attacked, it’s going to be hard to protect yourself and James with just a hammer, especially if it’s a group. Also, my phone can’t make or receive calls, so unless Secily has a working phone or James has one and wouldn’t mind leaving it with us, calling us to let us know when to meet you won’t work. And honestly, I think we’ll be attracting unwanted attention whether there’s one of us or one hundred. At the very least, if we stick together there will be more of us to fight off potential attackers, and more people to keep an eye out for threats.”

I feel silent and nervously rubbed the butt of the gun with my thumb. I didn’t mention out loud that I wasn’t very comfortable staying with Secily alone, at least not until I found out if that was indeed blood on her pants or maybe just a mud stain or something. If it was blood, where did it come from…?
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