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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Isaac Reed and James
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Dog of Hellsing
Currently: In the Caretakers Cabin.
(OOC: Writing in third person to make it easier to use two characters. Also sorry if I bunnied Cella, I know she was going to go to the caretakers cabin, so I assumed she went there when James jumped.)

James and Isaac walked into the caretakers cabin. Cella was already there. After a few seconds Secily walked in. Everything was silent.
Isaac helped James, who was still limping, into a seat, then looked around the dark cabin. After a few minutes Isaac found a book on a nearby shelf. It was labelled Silent Hill Street guide. He flicked through the pages. The book consisted of maps, and details on each street. It looked old, but it was the best he had.

"Guys look what I found." Isaac said to the rest of the group, as he put the book on the table, and pulled out his phone. He pressed a few buttons, and a white light appeared from the top of it. As he pointed it towards the book, light flooded past the pages, and revealed something to Isaac he hadn't noticed. Blood soaked into Secily's pants. Judging by the look of it, fresh blood, but it didn't look human (Isaac had seen plenty of that at work). It wasn't all in one spot, so there wasn't a wound on her leg, but looked as if it were wiped.

Trying to avoid looking like he had noticed Isaac continued reading, occasionally looking up at Secily. He noticed something strange as she looked around the cabin. She always kept her hand near the inside of her jacket, and looked on edge. More on edge than the rest of the group.

After a few more minutes of reading Isaac tore out a page, and put it into his pocket.
"I think that the school is on Old Silent Hill road. The interstate is south-east, and to the west is all wilderness. As dangerous as it sounds, I think our best bet is to try and get to the interstate." Isaac said. After a few seconds, James broke the silence.
"How will we do that? I can barely walk with this limp." James said.
"I am getting to that. The four of us will draw too much attention as a group. That is why we split up. I saw a wheelbarrow around the side of the cabin before. According to this map, we have to go past the hospital to get to the interstate. There will be painkillers there for James leg. I will carry James to the hospital in the wheelbarrow, and we will get him some painkillers, as well as anything else that could be useful. When James is able to walk, I will call Cella and Secily, who will make their way to the hospital. From there, we go to the interstate, and try to hitchhike our way home. If Secily and Cella don't get the call, they know we weren't able to make it. I know it is suicide, but it is the best plan we have."
Isaac finished explaining, then picked up his handgun and handed it to Cella, with the rest of his clips.
"The clip in the gun has 6 bullets left, the other two have 8 each. Be careful with it." Isaac said.
"Anyway, any objections to Operation Stupid?" he asked the group.
"I'm in." James said with a nod. Isaac saved him from the nurse, and therefore was the only one he trusted so far.

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