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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Secily Jones
Near the Caretaker's Cabin
Affected Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Dog of Hellsing

I walked with the others towards some cabin that the man with the gun thought a safe place. I was nervous about him. I constantly fingered the handle of the knife concealed inside my jacket. It was not a fancy knife. It was not small either. It did not have an extremely broad blade. Just an average thickness, but it did have a good length to it. It was made of high quality steel. It had a simple sheath. It was a knife that may prove useful here. I was especially surprised that some random kid jumped out of window. I nearly jerked it out. There was a some kind of nurse like creature around. I didn't remember it standing there before. It was quickly shot down by the man with the gun.

I strayed slightly behind the group for a moment after that because I heard something plop down behind me. I spun around. It was another one of those nurse things. I instantly assumed that it jumped out of the window after that kid. It seemed to have come out worse. It was writhing and more broken. I am not sure why, but I slipped behind it and slid my knife out and stuck the blade through the base of the skull. I saw the blade protrude out of what I guess was where the mouth was supposed to be. I felt the gritty coagulated blood on my hands. I jerked my knife to the right effectively severing the connection between the jaw and the rest of the head. I saw bits of more coagulated blood land on the ground. The thing still twitched. I stabbed the back of the neck. My knife plunged into its spinal column and I again jerked to the side, and there was more of this blood. The half decapitated being was dead.

I wiped my knife off on my cargo pants. It left a dark brown and gritty stain behind. I slid the knife back into its hidden sheath. I chuckled for a few syllables, and I kicked the partly decapitated head with my boots. It seemed parts off it loosened. It came off in a very unclean fashion. I was slightly frightened by my actions. Luckily, I was not far behind the rest of the group. They were easily in sight and slightly slowed by the limping boy. It took all of a split second to catch up at slow jog.
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