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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Isla and Flash (Leafeon and Flareon)

"A friend of yours?" Snowsong asked suspiciously.

Isla growled and turned her attention way from the Glaceon and focused in the direction that the shout had come from. The sun shone in her eyes, limiting he sight, but she could just barely make out a shadowy form limping towar them as fast as injuries would allow.

Her tail lashed and she sighed. "Flash?" he asked quietly, almost to herself.

"Isla!" he called again. "Is that you?"

"Yeah!" she called back. "It's me!"

She couldn't believe it. Flash had survive the attack on the valley. Flash was strong, but he sometimes took fights more like a joke rather than taking them seriously. She was amazed he'd made it out with the injuries he currently had.

He limped toward them an was soon standing in front of the pair he looked between Isla and the unfamiliar Glaceon, sensing the tension.

"Is there a problem here?" he asked curiously.

Yuri (Pikachu)

Yuri paid little attention when Gladewing returned, but when he announced that he'd brought a new Pokemon to the group, she turned to look at the young Riolu. She was soon surprised when a Pokemon slammed into th tiny Riolu, and her cheeks began to spark furiously.

"Well, you're friend should have the common sense to know that demanding help after practically attacking a member of our group is no way to make us want to help," she growled sourly after the Sceptile stepped in and explained.

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