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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Eventide Beach
Tiny sees the Shellder and Wolfe Jumps beside Tiny.
Tiny turns to Wolfe and ask her if she wants to Battle Shellder.
Wolfe howls and get ready to attack.
Tiny Tells wolfe to use Yawn on Shellder it hit's.
Shelder us Clamp on Wolfe.
Wolfe Jumps out of the ways and uses Howl to boost it attack.
Shellder Use Icicle Spear On Wolfe it hit's five time Wolfe take a bad hit but is still able to battle.
Shellder Falls asleep.
Wolfe uses Bite on Shellder
Shellder is fast asleep.
Wolfe uses Bite on Shellder
Tiny throws a Great ball at the Shellder hitting it as it is Sleeping.
The Shellder is Sucked in to the Greatball.



Three times!

PING! Shellder was captured!


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