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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Gladewing (Scyther)
Currently: Confused

Gladewing hardly noticed Snowsong’s and Isla’s abrupt departure—but he certainly noticed the blur of motion that shot past him and knocked Sy over. The Scyther gasped in surprise as a Pidgeotto suddenly appeared before the group, demanding hospitality. Gladewing nearly sliced at the bird in reflex, but controlled his natural instinct as an elderly Sceptile stepped in.

It was utterly understandable when Sy ducked behind Gladewing, though the Scyther himself felt a little unsettled by the Pokemon’s sudden appearance. Where had they come from? And why hadn’t Gladewing noticed them earlier? They hadn’t been following him, had they?

Before voicing any of these concerns, Gladewing turned to the startled Riolu. “Are you all right?” he asked.

He wanted to ask these two strangers for answers, but Gladewing decided to sit tight and see what Nightfang would do.


Snowsong (Glaceon)
Currently: Pounced on

Snowsong tilted her head back as she tried to catch a scent—anything to give her a hint as to what was moving about the swamp. Before she could discern anything, however, she was knocked off her feet.

"What is the matter with you?"

Snowsong found herself looking up into the face of the Leafeon.

"Yuri may be an outsider to you, but she is a friend of everyone else in our group. Not to mention that without her your Charmeleon friend wouldn't have stood a chance!"

Snowsong’s fury was quickly escalating—she couldn’t believe the audacity of this Pokémon to chase after her just to chew her out. The Glaceon kicked Isla off and scrambled to her feet, arching her back and preparing for a scuffle.

She opened her mouth, ready to spit out something else that was harsh and scathing—but before she could utter a word a loud shouting sliced through the swamp:


Her ears twitched around as they tried to focus on the source of the shouting—it seemed far, but not too distant.

“A friend of yours?” Snowsong muttered at Isla with a suspicious undertone.


(OOC: I wrote this to Starr's last reply... but it seems she has edited it some since I last looked D: Um... If I need to fix anything, let me know ^^')

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