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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Serena Dawson

Location: Inside an unknown building

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

Either I had chosen the worst building ever, or this town had the worst fire safety rules ever. Even though I had passed a few windows, It was hard to tell just what lay inside due to lack of a light source. As the creatures' screeching grew louder, I began to search wildly for any form of escape, whether it be a ladder or door. Even if they managed to find a way inside, it was a lot better than getting caught in the open street.

“Over here, I found a way inside! Hurry!”

Looking around the corner, I saw that sure enough, the woman from before had found an entrance. A metal door currently stood open, with her on the verge of entering. As I moved towards it, there was a faint outline in the fog as the creatures had finally managed to catch up. Attempting to summon one last burst of speed, I dashed towards the entrance, managing to shut the door in time. There was a loud thud as something collided with the door, and a smaller one as something tried to ram it way in.

Please don't let the larger one show up I silently wished, trying to catch my breath. At least the constant static noise had finally ceased, the phone having finally shut off. As I put the device away, the thumping from outside seemed to be dying down a little. With any luck, they were giving up instead of searching for a way in. Plus, this gave a chance to possibly get some answers. Maybe this woman even knew where the other people were hiding, if there were any left.

“So, mind telling me what's going on?” I asked, watching the newcomer for a reaction. “You have to be from around here, right?”
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