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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
quitting the clan, for the benifit of this site. The serebii clan i am in is going to branch out here.
Good luck man, hope all goes well, and activity does start to build up

Originally Posted by ipokemon View Post
Hi, i dont know if anyone still remembers me but i came back here just to say hi!
hey man, how've things been?

Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
Yeah all activity on forums I frequent are slowly dying and I'm not liking that but what can you do? I've been amazing Christmas is done and gone and what a haul I got! That's awesome Lost here's hoping it all goes well.

Hmm sorry I don't know you, but it's nice to meet you. :D Welcome back!
thanks! yeah been going pretty well so far, glad the holidays have treated you well, at my age, it's more giving to the nephews and nieces than receiving, but i did get Dishonored for the Xbox, which has made me realize i'm horrible at being an assassin haha
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