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Default Re: Christmas: Love it or Hate it?

I loved it as a kid. I always did. I still love it. These days I know that santa doesn't exist (whoops) but I still enjoy it. Probably because I get 2 months of school off at the same time. I enjoy the whole time off as a whole because of many things like no school, christmas, new years, Pay It Forward Camp (My youth groups summer camp. We help bushfire victims from the 09 bushfires)

The one of the only things I don't like about Christmas is Santa. I am a christian, but it is not because of it being the same letters as Satan like the extremist christians say. I hate Santa because he is a lie, and since all the little kids beleive in it, if you accidentally let it slip (which I do a fair bit) you get crucified by the adults around you. That and the fat slob ate the last of my cookies.

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