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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
What you believe defines who you are. You are correct, you have very little control as a child over what you believe. However, as I am quickly progressing through my final teenage year, I squandered no time in educating myself with both sides of the spectrum to more fully understand the world. I find it a sorrowful mistake, that ultimately effects me through federal and state policy-making, that so many people refuse to attempt to review several sources of information and persist in a belief or action simply because of tradition.

So are you telling me that it's acceptable to reject homosexual marriage within religion simply because it is a tradition? Or are you telling me that people cannot help it if that is the way they are raised? If that is so, I am living proof that the latter is untrue. If you are implying the prior, that is not a sufficient reason to reject facts and progressiveness is favor of comfort and familiarity. In a country where we can both freely access the internet, I am willing to scrutinize any similar position.
A good explanation is that when most people are young, they are more flexible in what their beliefs are. Over time, their beliefs become more solid. This "final product"--which, though changeable, is harder to change as an adult than a child--is a mixture of the person's environment and his reaction to it. That could include how he's raised, what school he goes to, or whatever. Imagine someone raised in a town where homosexuality is almost unheard of because it is denounced so much. Perhaps that person leaves in the town for the first time at age 30. It's going to be tough for this person to change his beliefs when he leaves right? It's like learning languages. Easy as a child, and when you're growing up around it, harder later, and when you're further displaced from it.

So yes, for some people, it is hard to grasp the idea of certain concepts like gay marriage. If that is how they are raised and what they consequentially choose to follow as adults, so be it.

Also, if you did, you should try to avoid double posting.

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