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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Serena Dawson
Location: Near a store
Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

As I tried to get away from large creature, I saw another figure up ahead. While this one seemed more possible to be human, I didn't slow my running just yet- something told me that whatever that monstrosity was, it was not likely to take orders from people. Sure enough, it wasn't long before another set of footsteps accompanied my own. Either they had seen the monster in the distance, or was trying to follow me.

It could have hardly been a few moments when yet another figure appeared up ahead, by a corner across the street. While this one was large as well, this time it did something else entirely- it split into multiple, smaller pieces. It looked radically different from the last one; while the prior had leaking sores all across its body, these reminded me more of vermin by the way they moved about. One looked over and let out a loud screech, then immediately rushed over.

As I turned to choose another path of escape, a nearby voice wheezed a complaint, “I'm sick of running!” This time, I took a quick look at this newcomer. Sure enough, this one was human, though she didn't seem to be in much better shape than I was.

“I doubt they're coming after us just to have a nice talk,” I called back, running towards what looked like a large building down the road. It was possible we were far enough that the large creature could not pinpoint our location, but the smaller ones could definitely see up. Maybe there was a fire escape on the side of the building... “Help me try to find a way up!”

During all of this, the static noise from my phone never ceased. Even after dashing away, I still had managed to keep a hold on it all this time. “Some help you were,” I muttered, holding down the power button while looking around the side of the building
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