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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Kenzy Laurel
Paris, Idaho

If there’s one thing I don’t appreciate, it’s being woken up in the middle of the night. For us, it’s early to bed and early to rise—and any interruption between 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock is absolutely uncalled for.

At first, I wasn’t sure what had awoken me. I rolled over in my bed with a disgruntled groan and turned my alarm clock around. I winced as the green lights indicated it to be around 2:15am. I groaned again and pulled the covers back over my head with the determination to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, my determination couldn’t get the job done. I tossed and turned for a dozen minutes before becoming aware of the first abnormality.

Buster, the farm dog, was barking obnoxiously outside. That was unusual, especially since he was usually a well-behaved dog. He didn’t bark unless there was trouble around.


Feeling suspicious, I roused myself from bed and grabbed my boots. There wasn’t too much snow on the ground currently, but that didn’t mean it was any less cold. Winters in Idaho were once notorious for their ferocity, though these last few years we had experience rather mild winters. The wind still blew just as bitterly as it did 10 years ago, though. I pulled on extra layers over my pajamas as I prepared to face the cold.

Outside, the snow was falling, but it wasn’t a pleasant storm. A cold wind blew from the north, whipping the frozen crystals into my face. I hugged my coat closer to me as I braved the weather. Buster’s barks turned into whines as I approached him, and he tugged desperately at his chain. I glanced around, trying to discern why he would bother leaving his heated doghouse. Nothing in particular stood out to me, then.

“Buster, calm down,” I whispered to him, stroking his head.

The dog whined again and wagged his tail urgently back and forth. I turned from him, again scanning the dark, wintry landscape for anything that he would consider a threat. I wasn’t too afraid, seeing how nothing exciting ever happened in this area. Maybe it was a wild animal, like a deer or a wolf.

I had never been so wrong.

I gasped as the clouds above me suddenly lit up with an eerie green light. My first thought was the northern lights—but no, it couldn’t be. I shouldn’t be able to see in on a stormy night… An uneasy feeling filled me. The light was growing brighter and more intense by the minute. Buster whined fearfully and slunk back into his doghouse.

What happened next was a scene out of a sci-fi movie. The clouds parted, spitting out a brilliant green fireball—and it was falling straight towards me. I did what any sane human would do: throw myself to the ground and pray for deliverance. I was utterly breathless as the thing shot through the air, humming with incredible force. Wild thoughts raced through my head, starting with the Mayans and ending with 2012. Could they had been right all along? Was doomsday upon us? My eyes were closed and oblivious to the path the fireball was taking, but it must have shot over my head. The earth shook as the thing crash-landed, but by some miracle I was still alive and kicking.

After a moment of puzzling over my continued existence, I pushed myself up from the snow. The area around me was whole, albeit lit with an eerie green light. Something on the horizon was burning… I did what any un-sane person would do: wander towards it with slack-jawed awe.

The fireball had landed in one of the cow pastures. A deep rut had been gouged into the earth, mixing dirt with snow in an ugly cookies-and-cream blend. At the end of the crater… What I had taken for burning was simply the glow of an unearthly rock, steaming with heat. I probably should have turned around, then. I should call the police or the FBI or the MIB or something. Yet I found myself inexorably drawn to the crater. I couldn’t figure out what had gotten into me. I was not the curious type. Why, then? What was drawing me to this thing?

I approached the stone. Or meteorite. Whatever you wanted to call the creepy space thing. At any rate, I slid down the sides of the crater and came towards it. The glow was slowly dimming, allowing me a better look at the object. It was about 3 feet in length, with a rugged surface torn from its rough impact. A harsh clacking noise met my ears. Right before my eyes, the meteorite split in half. I should have flinched, but I watched with wondering awe as something unexpected was exposed. Nestled in the rock was an odd sphere.

Entranced, I reached out and laid my hand on it. Its surface was smooth and warm… like an egg. Was it an egg? It certainly was bigger than any I had ever seen. Great, I thought ruefully to myself. An alien egg crash-landed in my backyard. This would certainly put Paris, Idaho, on the map. I groaned as I imagined the UFO enthusiasts who would be showing up on our doorstep. My family did not need to deal with that.

I had to hide this thing, and make sure no one found it.

But where?

Someone was shouting in the distance. I recognized the voice of my father. Biting my lip, I swept the egg up in my hand and tucked it inside my coat. I was about to take off before I noticed something else in the rock. I didn’t pay too close attention to what it was, but I scooped it up and tucked it into my pocket hastily.

By the time my father caught up to me, I was as far from the crater as I could be. I acted dazed and confused as he questioned me—which wasn’t too hard, considering that I was dazed and confused. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the egg. I forced out the truth as far as I could, but I lied about climbing into the crater. I felt awful for it, but I didn’t want to worry my dad.

And I was also half-afraid he would try to get rid of it. Strange, how quickly I went from wanting to dispose of the thing to wanting to protect it. As I quietly shut the door behind me, I took the egg out from under my coat. It was still warm, despite the weather it had been exposed to briefly. Overwhelmed with a sudden motherly instinct, I tucked the egg into my bed sheets. If I had an alien baby, I might as well take care of it.

Hopefully, it won’t try to eat me. I sighed as I submitted myself to whatever fate laid ahead, then crawled back into bed for a few more hours of sleep.


(There's a lot of ground to cover, but it's already getting lengthy, so... I'll wait till my next post to write about the hatching ^^')

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