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Default Re: Guns in America

I found this interesting statistic that I think is worth noting. His argument basically boils down to this:

It's an argument that supports gun control of semi-automatic weaponry by arguing that civilians can stop a shooting before it becomes a catastrophy. He finds a bunch of situations in the past couple of years that show this. What's interesting is that the shootings with the lowest civilian death counts usually involved one of two situations--either the shooter was using a sidearm or the shooter was using a semi-automatic rifle but an armed civilian stopped him. It makes sense right? If someone is using a sidearm, not only will they shoot more slowly, but there's more opportunity for civilian intervention, armed or not. And if they're using some semi-automatic rifle, they're going to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time, so an armed civilian is more likely to have a successful intervention.

I guess the flip-side to this is the fact that most statistics show that people who carry guns (whatever type they are) are more likely to be shot and killed, and are more likely to end up in life/death situations involving guns and other people. The numbers differ between the studies, but they all say the same thing. I think the stalemate between these two notions is the most frustrating part of the issue of gun control. Many people take one side or the other, but even more people want to just get frustrated, throw up their hands, and say that there is no solution. And for better or worse, that's what seems to be happening.

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