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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Near a store

I’d seen one or two other Beings, far fewer than I’d normally encounter during a stroll around several city blocks. Like the others I’d run into so far these ones ignored my presence, but I was starting to get used to it. Not that I felt any more comfortable with the fact, just that it wasn’t surprising any longer. Other than them, I hadn’t seen anyone or thing else in all the time I’d been wandering around.

I was aimlessly ambling down the street when I heard the distant sound of running. It was coming from behind me, and I instinctively got ready to start running myself. I managed to stop myself, though, and turned around instead of dashing off like I wanted to. A few moments later I saw a shape form within the fog, which turned out to be another person. A young woman, in fact, carrying a satchel of some kind and running as though Satan himself were after her. I briefly thought about trying to stop her but heard what sounded like something very large following the other woman. I hesitated only long enough to see a huge silhouette forming in the heavy fog before whirling in place and sprinting after the other person.

We didn’t get very far before a writhing mass of something loomed out of the fog on a corner across from the street we were on. Some of the mass broke away from the main body, revealing that it was many individual creatures forming a twisting group rather than one whole entity. They were rather grotesque-looking little bastards; they looked like flat snakes that had skin instead of scales, skin that was the same color as a fresh bruise. They had stubby jointed legs that reminded me of a centipede, and the way they moved was unnatural. It was like they scurried and slithered at the same time. One of them looked right at me with black eyes and opened its jaws, which split vertically rather than horizontally like mouths should. Its jaws were lined with fangs that looked like long needles, and an ungodly hiss-scream-cough noise rang from its throat. The other things instantly whipped their heads to face me (or maybe they were looking at the other woman, or maybe even both of us) as they started to make the same horrendous noise. It took me several minutes to realize that under the awful cacophony was another noise, a sort of white static emanating from some unknown location. I paid it no mind and instead abruptly changed course when the little nightmares rushed towards us.

“I’m sick of running!” I wheezed to no one in particular as I ran, feeling the fading stitch from earlier coming back with a vengeance.


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

The other woman seemed confused and uneasy, staring at my hand for a long moment before starting to respond. She didn’t get far before a new voice, this one masculine, interrupted her.

"Hey! I know this may be a bit blunt, but where the hell am I?" The other woman jumped and whirled to face the direction the voice had come, reactions I mirrored almost at the same time. The man was wearing overalls and carried a gun in one hand and a hammer in the other. He looked ready to use either or both if need be, and it made me realize how vulnerable I was, running around out here without any weapons or ways of defending myself. Running was hardly a viable course of action; even on good days, I wasn’t exactly athletic. I could go maybe a block or two before I collapsed from an asthma attack or suffered from a severe round of vertigo.

"I-I-I d-don't know..." came the response from the other woman, who acted like she wasn’t very used to human interaction. She stared at the ground and appeared rather fidgety, but I couldn’t exactly find that suspicious. It seemed none of us knew where we were or how we’d gotten here, and we sure as hell didn’t know what was up with the lack of other humans or the monsters. I was surprised the newcomer hadn’t shot one of us out of sheer nerves yet.

“I am…Secily…” she added after a few awkward moments of silence. The way she spoke made it sound like it was hard for her to talk to people. “Who…are you guys?” She moved a bit closer to us, warily eyeing the newcomer as she did. I couldn’t say I blamed her, since I was starting to feel pretty nervous about that gun myself. What if this guy decided he didn’t like the answers he was getting and wanted to take his frustration out on us with a few bullets? I swallowed nervously, feeling the beginnings of a panic attack bubbling in my stomach. I did my best to shove the anxiety away, letting out a slow breath before speaking.

“As I said, I am Cella. I was visiting my great-grandmother’s grave before I blacked out from a bad asthma attack. When I woke up I was here.” I waved at the others absently, hoping the man would put his gun away or something. The unease simmering at the back of my mind made another attempt at getting stronger, but I wrestled it down and started to rub the charm on my bracelet. The action was familiar, soothing, yet I couldn’t help but feel there was something about the symbol that was far from safe. Gram Adelaide had told me this was His symbol, after all. I suddenly found myself torn between keeping the gift and getting rid of it, of throwing it as far away as I could and putting a great deal of space between myself and that symbol. Sentimental value won out over the end, leaving a hollow guilt in my gut for even having considered throwing the bracelet away.
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