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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(OK, for anyone interested in OPing me, I seriously just want some plot fixed up: I found a Leaf Stone, but it belonged to a trainer who had evolved his Pokemon to a Vileplume. The Leaf Stone seemed to be a spare, but it was still his property and walking off with it didn't seem correct. I need to finish that, or at least get a confirmation if I can take the Leaf Stone.)

Logan Falchino
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Walking Along...

The trail continued far longer than Logan realized. Perhaps it was just the tension of re-retrieving his Pokemon that made him ignore it, but he hiked quite a long distance, and this was just in the footprint-deep mud.

Still, it would be good for Pokemon catching.

Midday was officially on-the sun shone directly above Logan's head-and, despite having only a few PokeBalls, Logan would be ready to capture anything that came his way.

However, he really just wanted to finally resolve the issue with Glomm, the Gloom-turned-Vileplume that would have preferred to have stayed a Gloom. The thing had rampaged briefly (with his trainer stuck inside of his/her flower having kicked it off) upon realizing that there was honest intent to evolve it. However, trouble is, his Trainer didn't know this. Plus, Logan still had a spare Leaf Stone the trainer had, and taking it was thievery. To get everything sorted out, for reals, would be good. He had that in the front of his mind, and he retraced the tracks he made chasing down a thief that he had dealt with, after said thief abused Glomm's Stun-Spores and stolen a few of Logan's Pokemon. To say the bare minimum on the events that had occured, quite a bit had happened.

Logan kept walking along, wondering where the Tracks would end and he'd find Glomm and his/her trainer. The one regret (and possibly bad move) he made was leaving Glomm's trainer presumably Stun-Spored. Glomm himself/herself was too tired to do much when Logan last saw it, but Glomm wasn't happy about the whole evolution thing, and would gladly do harm to his/her trainer over it. Considering Glomm's trainer was limp on the ground...

...Logan's pace slightly quickened.
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*Alright lets fix this story man !*

Logans path through the woods seems to go deeper and deeper until reaching a dead end. Logan found himself surrounded by tangled trees and was getting ready to turn back he heard a chopping sound.
"Ma Ma"

Soon he would see branches split apart as a little Makuhita coming through. The tough little pokemon came through looking at. He seemed to holding something. As you get closer you notice it is holding a bag. The pokemon drops it in front of you. You open it up and notice its the bag of the trainer you were worried about.

Could he have gone this way ???

Makuhita seems willing to help you out and find the trainer, but it seems a little unsure of you. Do you convice it to help you lead the way ??

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