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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgey), Rotta(Rattata)
Currently: Fishing

"Now that we've bought an Old Rod, we can either go fishing or check other building in this town such as Trainer school or the Town hall.. Which one do you guys want to do first?" Akmal asked his pokemons.

The pokemon eagerly showed Akmal the river because they want a new friend as soon as possible.

"Fishing eh? Good choice guys. Seems like somebody can't wait to get a new friend. All right then let me show you my fishing skill. Haha." Akmal laughed.

"All right this seems to be a good spot to fish."
Akmal cast away his rod and wait patiently for something to bite.
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With your line cast you wait for a second. Soon you feel the chipped wood shake in your hands. You grip tightens around the old rod as the line tightens and dips into the water.

A Wooper has appeared ! Write a Paragraph about the capture or battle.

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