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Suddenly Eveevee squeals and starts floundering. Something seems to grabbing onto it under the water. It's slowly being dragged out to sea. Oh no! Wolfe starts barking.

Suddenly your Eevee is released. It scrambles back to shore in fright. An orange head bobs up in the water. It laughs and shoots a stream of bubbles into the air. You're not sure if it's malicious or just playing. Suddenly it shoots a Bubblebeam right at you!

Wild Buizel appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you wanna catch it!
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Wolfe attacks Buizel with a Bite attack.
Buizel Try to lauch a Sonic Boom but Wolfe use Sucker Punch and it hits Buizel Hard due to Eveevee using Helping Hand.
Spookey hits it with Will-O-Wisp Tiny then Launchs a great ball at it.
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