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As you continue on your way, you notice a change of scenery. The trees are becoming farther apart from each other, slipping away to the grassy slopes that surround Dawn Bay. In fact, rocky outcrops are becoming more common than the leafless plants--but this allows for the sun to shine down on you all the more brightly. Despite the winter season, you find yourself growing a bit warm in the sun's generous rays.

Soon, you realize that you and your Pokemon aren't alone on the path. At first, you thought it was a trick of the light, but it seemed like a rock was following you. Whenever you looked, the rock seemed to stay in place. You pretend to keep moving forward, but steal a quick glance over your shoulder in an attempt to fool the thing.

The rock squeaks in surprise, but looks at you curiously with wide blue eyes.

A wild Aron appeared! Write a paragraph if you wish to catch it!
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JCs trick has worked as the creature is getting closer and closer. Tron moves along next him each move letting out a metal sound. Ashly pulls at JC pants trying to get him to do something.
JC just smiles letting the arron follow along. JC looks down a the little Chimchar only saying
"Just play along."
As the group continues forward they reach and overpass. JC picks up Chimchar.
"Ash we are going to use you speed to take advantage of this battle. When we get to those trees climb in and wait for the pokemon to pass. Ill have tron use a sandattack to give you time."

Ash nods and the group continues forward. Once they reach the point of the tree JC turns around.
"Tron sandattack. "
the bulky pokemon turns around releashing mighty blast of sand.

The little Arron plants its feet while the sand passes. Chimchar jumps down from the trees right behind the little Arron. Before the little guy could react Chimchar used scratch. Arron turned quickly knocking Chimchar back. The scratches seemed to have no effect. JC rushed in
"Try low kick"
The Chimchar jumped over the Arron dropping onto the ground kicking it over. The Arron let out a cry as it rolled back on to its feet. It stopped its feet around and charged in for a tackle knocking Chimchar down. The little pokemon used its weight to keep Chimchar down.
"Ash do something. "

Chimchar dragged itself out from under.

A blast of fire shot out knocking Arron back. The weakened Chimchar ran in using that rage it let out a Flame Wheel which seemed to knock the Arron down.

"Now, finish it off with focus blast !"

Ash paused, building its energy. Once it was stored it let out the shot. The punch sent the Arron flying.

JC grabbed the QuickBall
"Based on our speed this should help us out !"

JC threw the ball.

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