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Default Re: Christmas: Love it or Hate it?

Christmas rocks, but I know it's not the actual day Christ was born. The truth is no one is really sure when the event actually occurred, but I feel it's the memory and purpose that counts, not the exact time and date. Who, why, and what for is more important than when, in my opinion.

Given, we still have issues with relatives when it comes to the holidays, having had past experiences where we were accused by them of doing things we never actually did (I don't really want to go too deep into details). In the end, we severed ties and we celebrate Christmas at home, which feels more comfortable and enjoyable anyway. My dad, however, insists on visiting his family during Christmas, which is fine. The rest of the family's ties with dad have been pretty loose.

Given, Christmas is much more of a thrill as a kid, but even as an adult, we still have a lot of good fun with it. This year, my brother devised this whole kind of puzzle/treasure hunt game that involved going around the house and figuring out clues while solving wooden puzzles to get the next clues and ultimately, the end prize. It ended up being plane tickets for the whole family to go to Belgium, my mother's birthplace that she hasn't been to in over twenty-five years. Definitely looking forward to that.

So yeah, it's still an awesome holiday, setting aside the commercialism. You just need to see past the glitz and glimmer of the obscene amount of advertising, Lexus commercials, and materialism to see it's still a day of value to most people. As a Christian, I realize plenty of atheists still celebrate it, but whatever, I'm not bothered by that as long as they don't claim it's no longer a religious celebration to justify their actions, which is dumb and isn't true. If you don't feel religious about it, to each his own, but then just keep that to yourself, please.

To be honest though, I enjoy seeing the pleasant and surprised reactions of a person who receives your gift more than getting one in return. That's a really cool and fun feeling.

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