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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Temple of the Chosen

I walked back into the temple, still confused as to how I ended up in the middle of the rainforest. A few minutes ago I was eating some breakfast, then I appeared here. But why? Then it hit me. The amulet! I rubbed the symbol on the back, and it teleported me here!

Still confused I walked back into the room where I appeared. But there was something there that wasn't when I left earlier. A person. In front of one of the symbols on the wall stood a tall girl, with tied-back brown hair. She wore a T-shirt, and held a jacket and gloves. She must be an archeologist. Next to her stood a small, silver creature, a little more than a foot tall. Actually, it appeared to be black, with a metal shell. Its blue eyes stood out most. The creature was the first to notice Flare and I. Flare ran over, looking like he wanted to play. I should have expected that, he is only a newborn after all.

The girl still hadn't noticed me. I walked over, curious as to who she was, and why I was here.
"Excuse me, where am I?" I asked...

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