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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Isaac Reed
Affected RPers: Dog of Hellsing and Dragotech
Location: The caretakers shack in the school.

Eventually I found the courage to step outside. Not without preparing of course. I pulled out the handgun, and checked how much ammunition I had. The clip in the gun held 8 bullets, and I had another 2 full clips in my pocket. So far 24 bullets total. I put the remaining clips in my jeans pocket (underneath my overalls) where they were secure, and I knew they wouldn't fall out. I carried the gun in my right hand, and my hammer in my left, making sure the claws would hit instead of the blunt end. I ventured over to the door and opened is slowly and silently.

It was foggy, but through the fog, I could see what looked like a school. This must be the caretakers cabin. In the distance I could here what sounded like human voices. I walked over quietly as possible, yet edgy, almost shooting into thin air a few times. A few minutes later, I finally found the source of the voices. 2 women. Both with black hair, one a bit taller than the other.
"Hey! I know this may be a bit blunt, but where the hell am I?"

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