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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

((Switching format since it seems odd to be the only person doing things differently))

Serena Dawson
Location: Uncertain, near a grocery store
Affected Rpers: none planned, but feel free to add on.

As I approached closer to the sound, the shuffling began to slow little by little. While I still couldn't see just what was causing it, it seemed to be coming from a midsize alley wedged between two buildings ahead and to the right. Whoever or whatever it was, they either hadn't heard me or simply did not care. Again, I opened my mouth to call out to them- and was immediately silenced by a cough as I tried not to vomit. Whatever was coming from there smelled like something long rotten or someone very sick. Was this place closed to quarantine? I wondered, starting to worry about my sudden decision to find this place. It would explain why I had yet to see anyone, but there had to have been a news story on a sickness like this hitting a town. Holding my breath to avoid that awful smell again, I peeked around the corner at whatever was lying ahead.

Lurching with its back towards me, a large shape was currently making its way to the other end of the alley. While it was clear that it wasn't human, it had a shape disturbingly similar to a morbidly obese one. The rotten smell it gave off was revealed as well; across the creature's body lay sores oozing with pus. Once it reached the end of the alleyway it lazily lay down with a large thud, slightly shaking the ground. One of its grotesque hands appeared to be covered in dried blood- yet was definitely not injured.

Immediately I backed up, covering my mouth with a hand as I tried to distance myself from the area as quickly as possible. Whatever that thing was, I definitely did not want to be near it when it decided to be done with its nap. After running close to over a block away and hearing no footsteps following me, I finally slowed down and tried to gather my thoughts. If there were more monsters like that, it was likely that any possible survivors would be holed up in buildings, not idly walking down the street like I had been doing. An apartment may be a safe bet, or even a church. The more I thought about it, the more a church seemed like the best place to check- especially if what I had been reading was a major belief in this town. Taking another glance behind me to make sure that nothing was indeed chasing me, I retrieved my cell from a small side pocket in my satchel. While I had turned it off while driving to avoid answering in case my mother tried to call demanding her books returned. There was no reason to keep it off. Maybe she could even answer just what had happened. After all, sort of hard to deny something when the person asking is standing right in the middle of the place of question.

As the phone began to power on, instead of the normal splash screen it showed a flickering white screen, with static lightly buzzing from the device. Annoyed, I checked the fairly-new phone to see if it had gotten somehow wet or damaged. “Just what is your problem-”

Immediately, the static grew louder as the shuffling began once more, this time faster and definitely getting closer. Through the fog, I could see the large creature awake and making a beeline to where I was standing. “Shit!” I called out, trying to get away as it pursued me. While it was far from fast, it was moving quicker than what its large mass hinted at. While I could try to hide in a building, I doubted something like a door could stop it for long. For now, the only option was to run.
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