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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Alakazam
What's dumb about it? He used the singular verb when it should have been plural...something that is taught in the lower levels of even the most destitute of schools. (It should have read "Are our children learning?")
Well exuse me, but unless he's a grammer teacher or a dis-agreeing onlooker, he's not going to see that.
Taken out of context? Most likely, but it's still a stupid thing to say, no matter the context.
I beg to differ! The context means a lot more than just the statement.

Again, its just an obvious, apparent, moronic thing to point out
Little note here: people are morons. People can miss some of the most openly seen things and mis-read clear directions. This is called a re-iinforcing statement.

The problem doesn't lie in the content, it's once again the grammer. "He and her"? No, no... it's either "he and she" or "his and her", not a mix. If that doesn't sound right to you, than you must not know english very well.
I actually did see that little mistake. Like I said many times before: You don't always pick the exact right words at that moment. To me, the he or her means little to nothing.

What's the problem? It's not the pauses (yes, the dashes are auditory pauses in speech); it's the content this time. "...because killers kill." That statement sums up the whole I even have to say it? "...killers kill." Uh...yeah, killers kill. If they didn't, they wouldn't be killers! It seems that GWB points obvious things out to us as if they are ground-breaking facts.
Sounds like he had forgot what he was going to say in mid sentence. Anywho, these things may be obvious to you and me, but there are some people that have the inability to see these realizations. It isn't so much as knowing it, but acknowledging it, and that is what it does. People know about killers, and they know about killing, but they do not acknowledge that these killers raise up the death rate until it is brought up to them. Add Hindsight, and they think they acknowledged it all along.

Again, his views are one? A sing/plural error.
A sing/plural error? Not one to talk, are you. Now go on about shortening the word and what you meant, and I'll just talk about how it applies to him.

"The illiteracy level of our children are appalling."
See above
And the big deal is? I know he said "are", but unless you are either a grammer teacher, or someone who doesn't like him, it doesn't really matter.
Oh, great...maybe some people knew what he meant, but is it a good thing to express the COMPLETE OPPOSITE intent of the administration?!
What he was doing was bringing up a point previously mentioned. "These People" was about the aformentioned terrorists.
"See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction." (NOTE: *apologizes for interrupting* The US has more nukes than any other country on Earth.)

The point is that we have done so in the past.
In the past. Not now. Add in the word more peaceful, and you have a complete idea.
It sounds like he's admitting that he doesn't pay much attention to intelligence to me.
It sounds like he doesn't actually sit down and read the news, because he has to deal with it. He said he gets briefed by people who saw it anyway. He doesn't need to see it. He glances at it only to see what the media is saying. He has/will be givin the whole story, and he has to put up with it, unlike the media that only tells you part.
Again, such a statment would be ostricized in any first-grade class. Oh, and of your reality check: Are you telling me that none of his addresses arer prepared?
I'm in Atech, and people make statements like that all the time. It comes from choosing the wrong word at the wrong time. That happened often when we had to memorize a 10-minute presentation about World War II, and present it. Written it isn't so much of a problem but speaking it's a lot more difficult. And "arer"? What's that? I'm sure his addresses are prepared firsthand, but so were our 10-minute presentations. We made mistakes on those where as they were perfect before, too. Not everything he says is prepared to a T though.

It's not the content that I'm criticizing, and the context wouldn't fix this. Africa is a continent, not a nation
Goodness gracious he chose the wrong word! The penalty for that is death, you know.

What pressure are you referring to?
This statement comes out of the Blue. The pressure I'm refering to is the pressure of speaking to an entire nation. Though it isn't a complete scapegoat, it doesn't help his speach at all.

I know what he meant, but the fact that he could have butchered our language so badly is depressing.
Quiz of the day: How many speaches has he givin?
Answer: A whole lot more than what can be comprised of in your posts commenting on his grammer.
Quiz of the week: How long are these speaches?
Answer: Lets see, if 10 minutes was 8 pages, that would mean that his half-hour speaches are about 24 pages long. And if he makes 1 mistake in 24 pages of speach, then by gum he's pretty good at grammer.

Again, what pressure? Most of the things that you say he was under pressure about were domestic issues that aren't going to cuase any imminent threat.
Again, the pressure of being in front of a crowd. It's not the issue. It's the hundreds of eyes and cameras staring at you while you speak. If you have a headache or are constipated at that time, your gonna talk whether you feel like it or not.

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