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Default Getting major nostalgia...

Hiya guys, remember me? Pfftch, of course not.
Tl;dr, I haven't been on this forum for about three years. I remembered you guys today and couldn't help myself. I decided to look up PE2k, and the forums are still going strong. I'm in the weirdest mood right now, but I hope I'm welcomed back.
For any of the old-school admins, does the moderator 3mod0ll ring a bell? Or maybe a girl called Jess? They used to be on here, and I left promptly after they did, mostly because they were the most interesting people you had. Then there was a podcast too, and some dude called Charizard-something was a part of it. Anyway, I'm SO excited to be back, heh.
Missed you guys, way too much <3
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