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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech
Near the school

“Hello?” came the reply, sounding as strained and uneasy as my own voice had been. I could see a vaguely human form approaching through the fog, and even though there was a chance this could be a trap, I moved forward until the fog parted enough for me to see my new companion. It turned out to be another young woman, probably about my age. She had a haggard look to her that I was fairly certain I reflected. I could care less for her appearance, though, glad to simply have another human around. I might not have been the most talkative of people, but that hardly meant I liked being alone. Even if I were anti-social, I probably would have preferred company in this bizarre town.

“Thank goodness. I was worried you might be another monster. I’m Cella,” I said, holding out a hand and trying not to wince as the movement caused the dull ache in my sides and chest to briefly intensify. It would probably be another hour or so before the painfully went away. In the meantime, I decided to try and get a few answers, if this woman had any to be given. “I don’t suppose you know where we are or what’s going on here?”


Affected RPers: Everyone (Except Zolar unless he wants to take part)
Multiple locations

The Prey were all awake, it seemed. At least those who had most recently been brought to the Dual World had. They would all be tested, in time. Tested to see if their fate decided salvation or destruction. The Masters would see to them whatever destiny they had to fulfill. For now, it was the task of the Lurkers to start putting the Prey through their paces.

The Lost Scholar, the woman with the books who had freely entered their world. She would be a good one to leave clues for, hints and tidbits about the town’s past and the events that were currently transpiring. She had the aura of one who should have been born in their town, the aura of a lost soul returning home. She would make a good candidate for salvation, if she could piece together the clues left for her.

The Marked Seer, the woman with the scars who could see what others could not. But the gift would be of little use here, where the spirits and entities she met existed on another plane entirely. She, too, would prove a suitable choice for salvation if she managed to find a way to reach across the barrier separating her from the intangible ones. If one in the ranks had the ability to get information from the multitude of trapped beings, to use them in order to lure even more Prey to the Dual World, it would greatly assist them in their endeavors.

The Weathered Mender, the man who could take what was broken and restore it to working condition. He would have his uses, should his skills prove useful enough to repair the generators in the hospital. Long since abandoned and left in complete ruins, the generators would be vital to providing the energy needed for the Rebirth when the time came. There were no others who had the experience needed for such a task, so with any luck, this man would be the one to be able to do it.

The Infirm Descendent, the sickly woman whose great-grandmother had, in an effort to protect her, instead drawn their attention to her. Though feeble of body, she was strong of spirit. Her force of will was of course to compensate for the lack of physical capability, and if she could overcome the limitations of her fragile form, her determination and willpower could be put to many uses. There wasn’t much faith in this one, though, thanks to her delicate condition. Perhaps, though, she would impress them all and persevere.

And finally, the Wounded Mind, the woman who was mentally and emotionally imbalanced to the point of near insanity. Her current condition made her ideal to join the ranks, but she would still have to prove herself and her abilities. Her chances of surviving the trials of the Dual World would be greatly increased if she could fool and manipulate others, keeping her true nature hidden until the time to reveal it had come.

The Lurkers moved on spindly legs, their bruise-colored, serpentine bodies practically flat against the ground as they skittered towards the Prey. The first task would be getting all who were awake together. They would be easier to keep track of that way, and having more companions would give them a false sense of security. It would cause them to lower their guard, even just a fraction, and that would give them more chances to harass and torment the Prey. They had to be tested, the full limits of their abilities known. Only if they could survive everything thrown at them, as well as succeeding at their respective goals, would they prove they were worthy of salvation. Otherwise, the slightest failure may result in death.

Only time would tell. For now, it was time to get things started.
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