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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Amelia Kozaka,District One

When Amelia heard voices nearing she began to panic, but she was unable to physically move. Her body just felt numb, whether from shock, the cold, or a mixture of the two was currently unknown. She felt contact on her as somebody lifted her up, but the voices were garbled, her vision barely showing anything besides darkness. Before she could do anything she fell into complete darkness, losing her connection to the world around her.

It was some time later that she was awoken by the sounds of the cannons, however she kept her eyes closed and remained as still as possible, trying to make it appear like she hadn't lost consciousness. There were others nearby, that was for certain, this becoming apparent due to the fact she could feel something wrapped around her wound. By the voices around her, she could determine four adversaries.

Well, looks like I'm doomed.

Amelia almost grimaced, but her face remained stoic as she tried to get a sense of her surroundings through her hearing. There was somebody knelt down beside her, most likely a female. Who the female was, however, was still up in the air, but Amelia had a feeling in her gut that it wasn't Caitlyn. Or it could be the wound that she was feeling. One of the two.

I don't have a weapon... and I'm wounded... Prisoner?

Amelia inwardly cursed. She essentially had two choices, to her knowledge. The first, just give up and play prisoner, and die, or, go for the full ride down the stream without a paddle and just attempt an attack of some sort. Option one didn't really sit with her. Neither did option two, but alas, both her choices sucked. Mentally calculating, she shifted ever so slightly, noticing her wound didn't play up too much, and she wondered if the wound would be fine if she leaped into action.

Honestly though, she was wondering why they hadn't killed her yet, what use would she have for being a prisoner. Her mind never even drifted once into wondering if they were friendly at all as she sprung into action, and fell face first into the snow as pain shot through her body almost crippling her due to her sudden movement. A groan of pain escaped her lips as she tried to curl up because of the pain.

"Well, this could have gone better." Amelia muttered, her face still buried in the snow.

Keiru Kozaka,District One

Keiru smiled at Caitlyn as he responded. "Didn't get injured really. Might have pulled a muscle in my chivalrous charge, but apart from that completely fine."

The sound of cannons caused Keiru to look around quickly, his eyes darting around the surroundings, silence filling the air after the cannons signaled eight deaths, and he breathed out. "I hope Amelia's alright..."

Keiru straightened and rubbed a hand across his face as he sighed. "We're a long way past being down the creek without a paddle, and have long since started our impending arrival at the waterfall without any hopes of escape." He looked pointedly down at the sword in his hands. "We're either going to have to try and hook back up with Amelia somehow... though I have no idea where she is, head back to the Cornucopia and risk being ambushed, or try our luck out here." He looked at Caitlyn. "I really did not think my plan through."
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