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Default Re: Guns in America

My stepfather has two guns, neither of them are rifles. One was stolen by his son and sold for drug money, but it was recovered - although now apparently the police lost the weapon.

Things like these happen. I do agree that the law should be tighter, the loophole should be fixed, and for the love of all that is righteous assault guns are banned. They're for hunting, not self defense. A pistol would be a better gun for that because of the close range, I think. And as Ty said, you don't need to blow their head off.

Plus most people don't really want to kill whoever it attacking them. Maybe in the heat of the moment but after that, the guilt...

Those poor children, though. And the families of those lost, like the teachers...Even that mental guy's family, I feel for them. (Maybe not the mother so much, not sure about the father, but hey the cousins and everything I can feel bad for).
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