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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Wonders on to Route 5
In party:


In Box

Having spent a lot of time looking for the gym leader in Zenith JC decided to just keep moving forward. He grabbed ash and they headed for Route 5. Once Route 5 JC let out Tron, Bug and Dizzy pokemon he had picked up a long the way.

The little ghost type golett seemed to confused at first. He had been sent as a gift from mom.
JC approached a little guy with a caution. Ashley flowed by closely staying behind JC. Tron looked around. Its heavy body made metal sounds as it moved.

"oooolllllllll "

"Im JC and this Ash, we are your new friends."

Golett slowly moved closer to JC inspecting him. He waited a moment and nodded his head.
"Gooo Lettttt"

JC then turned to Dizzy a pokemon that seemed to well Dizzy. The little bear moved around in a strange manor
"Spinda, Spin !"

The little bear ran up Ash and started smelling Ash who put her hand out to shake hands.

Last there was Bug. A little leaf worm, bug seemed to fearless as it started chasing the others around. JC bent down quickly picking him up.
"Bug, you are a brave little guy your going to have to forgive us for attacking you." Bug paused for a moment and then smiled.

JC and the gang started to explore.
As you continue on your way, you notice a change of scenery. The trees are becoming farther apart from each other, slipping away to the grassy slopes that surround Dawn Bay. In fact, rocky outcrops are becoming more common than the leafless plants--but this allows for the sun to shine down on you all the more brightly. Despite the winter season, you find yourself growing a bit warm in the sun's generous rays.

Soon, you realize that you and your Pokemon aren't alone on the path. At first, you thought it was a trick of the light, but it seemed like a rock was following you. Whenever you looked, the rock seemed to stay in place. You pretend to keep moving forward, but steal a quick glance over your shoulder in an attempt to fool the thing.

The rock squeaks in surprise, but looks at you curiously with wide blue eyes.

A wild Aron appeared! Write a paragraph if you wish to catch it!

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