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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Name: Meghan
Location: Moving through Rocket Hideout under Casino

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Meghan has gone off on her own, away from Charlie and Stacy. She glances into a room, seeing it filled with computer monitors that seem to be attached to cameras all throughout the hideout. The room is empty, the grunt who was supposed to be watching them obviously having gone somewhere else. Meghan walks up to the monitors, looking them over. Her eyes fall to one that shows the interior of a cell. "Damien..." She says quietly, recognizing the boy. Her eyes turn to the other occupant and narrow in anger "You.." She growls to herself as she sees Red. She had to get to him...but they also had to find a way to open the safe. With a bit of persuasion Red might be able to help them. Oh, she would persuade him alright.

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