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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Cella Jones
Affected RPers: N/A (unless someone wants to run into her)
Near the Elementary School

My chest still hurt from the violent coughing my earlier asthma attacked had triggered, the dull ache radiating into my sides and making me wince. I wanted to duck into a house somewhere to rest, but after what I’d seen mere minutes after waking up in whatever-the-hell town this was, I was too jumpy and anxious to stay in one place too long.

It had been some sort of…thing. It had been about 8 or 9 feet tall, with skin that looked like mottled caramel. Its arms and legs had been long and lanky, but the most horrible feature had been its head. The appendage constantly hung and was almost as long as the creature’s body, ending in a wicked blade-like snout. It looked like a fleshy pendulum, one with a horizontal mouth that ran the length of the thing’s head and split it in two when it shrieked. I had seen it shuffling around only a few yards away from the car I’d woken up in; I’d almost run straight into the damn thing, since the thick fog everywhere had hidden it from view until I was right up on top of it. Thankfully, by the time it noticed me I had already turned and booked it out of there, but I had made the mistake of looking back when it screeched at me and saw that awful skull split open down the middle.

There was no way I was going to sleep anywhere with something like that running around. I didn’t know if there were more or if it was the only one, or if there might be worse things lurking in the fog, but I didn’t want to find out the hard way. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could find some people to join up with, people to help keep watch, but I hadn’t seen a single person in this forsaken place.

I absently rubbed the charm hanging from my bracelet as I walked along, trying to look everywhere at once. I was doing my best to stay calm, since the last thing I wanted was have any of my health issues flare up again, but the atmosphere of this place made it impossible to relax. My mind kept seeing malevolent shapes and figures in the fog, and when it wasn’t doing that it was going over all the stories Gram Adelaide had told me. One of them had been about a gray-skied realm known as the Path of Black Leaves, where Der Großmann and his servants were supposed to dwell. The circumstances of my great-grandmother’s death didn’t help put me at ease; she may have been old, close to ninety, but she was in perfect health. It didn’t make sense for her heart to simply give out at random.

Once again I started to think if there wasn’t something more going on. Waking up in this strange place, Gram Adelaide’s abrupt death…Was it possible she died of something else? Maybe the heart attack was brought on by fear? But wouldn’t the autopsy show traces of adrenaline or something like that in her blood? Did they test for that sort of thing? Would the traces have decayed too quickly for them to be detected? If there was something more to my great-grandmother’s demise, why would the doctors withhold that information? Unless…

Unless what, they were servants of this tall faceless man who abducts people and takes them to some other dimension? The thought was a ridiculous one, but I could no longer brush off all of Gram Adelaide’s stories as mere tales. This place…it felt wrong, out of place. Like it shouldn’t exist.

A faint scuffing from somewhere in front of my caused to stop in my tracks. I couldn’t see anyone or thing, but I could hear who or whatever it was shuffling closer. My first instinct was to turn and dart off the other way, but there was the chance I might end up running from someone who could tell me where I was and what the hell was going on. Going against every fiber that yelled at me to run, I nervously cleared my throat and called, “Hello?”
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