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Name: Jack Finnigan

It was 5:00 AM and I was eating an early breakfast. I recalled the events that occurred to early in the morning. It was sometime after 2:00 AM in the morning. I just sent a message off to a friend of mine on Skype, and I heard something like an explosion. I looked out the window and it appeared something had hit my brothers tree house, and bounced out of the yard. I ran out of my door wearing pajamas to see what had occurred. It was cold, for it was December on this Mississippi night. I followed a streak of small craters. It appeared that something slammed against the ground after bouncing many times. When I came to the end it, I saw something like an egg. It appeared that whatever hit the ground had shattered around the egg. I moved closer and I picked up something like a necklace. An amulet of sorts. I returned to my house with these strange things and I went back to sleep.

I was eating a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles as I stared at the being that had emerged from the large egg. I was unsure of what it was. It had a body of sharp angles. It was pink and blue. It did not seem to have any desire to eat. We simply stared at each other.

My laptop was sitting on another table. It was open and charging. I was also on it right before my egg hatched, so it had not gone through the cycle of shutting down due to inactivity. It beeped arousing the attention of my strange friend. The being uttered its first word, "Pory?" It sort of flew over to my laptop and stared at it curiously. It landed on the keyboard. It began integrating with it as if it was some living strand of data. It sort of slid into the laptop and interacted with the technology.

I dropped my spoon and my jaw. I got up and stared at the screen. I watched as the applications began opening and closing. Then it struck internet explorer. I watched as the screen traded off to different sites. It seemed to start with my search history. I was surprised by the familiar sites. It then began to open all the sites it could find. It quickly began to open more tabs. It closed the application and all the tabs associated with it. It opened Microsoft word. I saw words begin to appear on the screen. They were not in English. It looked like a language from the far east. I typed onto my keyboard that I can only read English. It typed, "Oh, pardon me. So I examined this Internet Explorer, and I must say the internet is a strange place." I typed in response, "It can be." It typed in response, "Yes, I would ask you to explain things, but I have already learned all that I saw." I typed, "What all did you see?" In response it typed, "Everything, but I don't seem to have figured out why humans create computer viruses, and of course what this expression known as love really is. I did go through and correct all of the viruses of course. I unfortunately cannot decide what is fact and what is fiction. Love is strange." I typed, "It can be." It backspaced my response and replaced it with, "It is!" I stared at the sceen unsure of what to say next. It opened a different application. I watched Minecraft load. I watched the little Steve avatar walk around. I said to myself, "You can play games as well." It spoke over the speaker. "Porygon pory pory gon?!" I looked at the computer and said, "What? Huh, how did you do that?" It then found my face cam. I saw my face pop up on screen. It typed in chat. "I can hear you?!" I replied, "Well my computer does have a microphone." The little Steve character jumped up in down. The strange creature that was integrated with my computer seemed excited. It began to change Steve. It shifted into a character reminiscent of itself. "Well that is neat," I contiued to watch the screen. "I am just altering game code, it isn't that hard. I think I will also give myself a bow and two stacks of arrows. Hmmm... altering game code... and there we go explosive arrows. Toggle night fall." I watched the screen go dark. The hostile beings of Minecraft began spawning. The modified Minecraft Protagonist began firing arrows at the "mobs." I was surprised when I saw the arrows explode. The itemized dirt blocks began to glitch up and the area glitched as well. "Wow you are glitching my game... and that probably counts as cheating." It typed up, "Yeah game code sorta does not sanction this type of explosive firepower. I will fix that... and done." I looked at the screen and was amused. "You cheater." The character's head spazzed out. "Well I changed game code so it is sanctioned which makes it fair, right?" I chuckled to myself. "I think altering game code is cheating." There was a short pause. "Yeah, maybe. A sound reminiscent of giggling came through the speaker. "What was that, I just experienced... Joy? Checking status... I have been compromised. I seem to have an inability to alter that piece of code. Wow I seem to be... glitched?"

"Well I guess I will call you Glitch then." I said jokingly. "It sounds fitting enough," it replied. I stood up, and I found the ground. I woke up somewhere strange. I looked around. "Where am I?" My phone vibrated and I looked at it. A message appeared from a numberless source. "I downloaded into this... thing via internet. You passed out and disappeared. My research doesn't say you can do that." I blinked for a moment. "I WHAT!!" I shouted.Glitch began to flow out of the phone in the form of code. Glitch reformed. "Pory? Porygon..." It was fascinated by its surroundings.

(OOC: Were we late? Sorry I typed this up as I thought about it as soon as I saw it and actually could)
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