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Name: Fenn Simmons
Location: House in Baltimore, Maryland

I groaned as I rolled over in my bed, the sheets tossed haphazardly every which way as I had attempted to make myself comfortable throughout the night. Unfortunately, that hadn't worked out so well and I was left lying awake at 2:30 the middle of the week. I managed to stifle the loud groan I produced with my pillow, not wanting to wake my parents who were in the next room over. I could only imagine how that encounter would go.

Finally giving up any attempt to sleep, I sat up and propped myself up against my headboard with a pillow as I contemplated what to do. I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon and nobody else would be up at this time of night. Twiddling her thumbs didn't seem like a very good idea either. Kicking my sheets off, I decided it was best to probably go for a short walk to tire myself out. My neighborhood was pretty safe, and I usually was out and about late into the night without my parents really worrying. This would be no different.

I slipped on my clothes and a pair of thick gloves since it was absolutely FREEZING outside. No, not the kind of freezing where you get snow. The kind of freezing where it rains and the wind blows but you don't get snow. The Maryland kind of freezing. Silently, I opened my window, wincing at the sudden cold air. I crept out of it, glad to be on the first floor. I would never have gotten away if I had jumped from the second. I began to walk, glancing down at my watch as I went. 2:49, wow it was la-HOLY...!

I almost fell to the ground as something crashed into the forest ahead of me, freezing me in my place. I watched the flames engulf the trees, some already fallen. Crap...if my parents caught me out here...They would have a fit and a half. I glanced back towards my house, which I could just barely see. Maybe they would be in too deep a sleep to notice..? Right, fat chance. I glanced back towards what I assumed to be a meteor had landed, curiosity getting the better of me as it usually did when it came to science and nature and the like. I carefully stepped over some of the smoldering trees, making my way towards the rough rock that had created a particularly large crater. Raising an eyebrow, I approached it cautiously.

A slight gasp escaped me when I saw what was resting inside. The meteor had split right down the middle, revealing a tan egg that was covered in green spots. Gently, I lifted it up, feeling its weight. It was unlike any egg I had ever seen...A glimmer caught my eye and I looked down, a shining pendant resting near where the egg had been. Tucking the egg under my arm carefully, I lifted the pendant up. Without thinking, I tied it around my neck and stood, cradling the egg in my arms. I had better get out of here before any cops show up...

Without a backwards glance, I rushed for my house, managing to climb back in through my window and shut it before I heard footsteps. I quickly hid the oversized egg in one of my drawers, hiding it between clothes before shutting it as my door opened.

"Fenn, you okay?" It was my father. I nodded quickly, moving to sit on my bed like nothing had happened. "Yeah, just got woken up, is all. I'm fine." Thank god the lights were off or he would have seen me in all my late-night trekking glory. He simply nodded "You're mom and I are going to check things out, you stay here." I nodded, relief flooding over me as he closed the door. I moved and locked it before collapsing on my bed, now completely exhausted.


I was woken up sometime before 8:00 when I heard a soft rattling. Rubbing sleep from my eyes as I grumbled quietly, I looked towards my dresser. For a second, I was unsure of why it was moving. Then the events from that early morning dawned on me and I opened the bottom door quickly. Shards of egg were scattered in the makeshift nest I had build, and an odd animal was looking back at me.

"Ar..Aron!" It said quietly, blinking its huge blue eyes as it tilted its head to the side. I reached out carefully, almost scared of it. The creature was large, maybe about a foot tall, and seemed relieved when I had opened its confining nest. With a bit of apprehension, I ran my fingers along the front of it's face. It was cold, like metal, and i tapped my fingers against it again. It WAS metal. The creature gave an affectionate chirp and jumped from the drawer and into my lap. I let out a slight "oof" as it landed, having not expected it to be that heavy either.

"W-woah." I said quietly, looking down as it curled up in my lap "What ARE you..?" I reached my hand up to my neck, pulling out the amulet I had obtained in the same place. I turned it over, seeing a white marking that I could not make sense of. "How are you connected...?" I asked quietly, looking down at the metal creature in my lap. It looked up at me with its big blue eyes and I smiled "Guess I can't keep calling you "thing" huh?" I asked, my focus returning to it for a moment "How does Altera sound." It nodded its head with another "Aron!" as confirmation and I smiled, running my hand over its back as I looked at the amulet again. I traced my thumb along the symbol carefully before feeling a lurch.

Everything went white for a second, and I gripped the little creature in my lap tightly as I squeezed my eyes shut. The air around me changed, warm now. I slowly opened my eyes, looking up at the rough stone walls that surrounded me.

"W-where am I?" I asked quietly as I stood, Altera trotting next to me as I looked around. It was a temple surrounded by a thick rainforest. The temple had several symbols on the walls, one matching the symbol on the back of my amulet. The rainforest was dense and humid, and I took my jacket and gloves off quickly before I began to sweat. Oh man...this was definetly not Baltimore.

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