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Name: Cobalt
Location: Train in Meblourne

I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket. The backlight display lit up with the press of a button, showing me the time. 2:45am. I had been on summer holidays for about a month now. All that meant was sleeping in, and taking the late shift at McDylan’s every night, getting double pay, then sleeping in late. All I knew was that I was tired, and was hoping I wouldn’t get mugged on this train.
I was about to fall sleep, until there was a flash, and a loud bang. I looked out the window to my left, to see the dense bushland dimly lit by flames.
“Eltham Station.” Said the automated voice on the trains speaker system. The train stopped at the station, and I walked onto the platform. It was empty. Nobody rides public transport this late. They are either too scared of being stabbed by some random alcoholic, or are the random alcoholic, partying at one of the nightclubs in the city.
I looked at my phone again. It was now 5 minutes to 3. I fell asleep near the deep fryer at work, and they told me to leave early. Mum wasn’t expecting to pick me up until 3:30. I had half an hour to spare. I looked over to where the trees in the bushland were knocked down. Some were ignited, but not enough to cause a bushfire.
“A meteor must have crashed there…” I thought to myself. I was very tempted to have a look. In the end, I broke to temptation, and found myself walking away from the station, towards the trees. After a few minutes of walking I found a spot where the trees were knocked down and burning the worst. In the center of the carnage was a spherical rock, about 1 meter in diameter. This must have been the meteor. I walked over to have a look. The meteor had created a decent sized crater in the ground. I walked into the crater, but was shocked the moment my foot hit the ground.
The rock split down the middle, forming two even halves. To my surprise, it was hollow. Inside lay what looked like an oversized chicken egg, covered in spots, and a light blue amulet. I don’t know what came over me at this point. I felt possessed, but also felt as if I was meant to be doing this. Before I realized what was happening, I had taken the egg, and put it inside my backpack, and put the amulet around my neck.
I finally felt normal again after a few minutes. Then I heard sirens. The cops must be checking if there was any damage. One thing I knew for sure, a kid near a meteor with an oversized chicken egg in his backpack looked dodgy. I ran, and barely missed being seen by the police.
I sat at the public benches at the carpark. Mum picked me up, and took me home. I was silent the entire trip. Mum probably just assumed I was tired, but there was something on my mind. A feeling I couldn’t shake off.
I got home, and locked my door. I then took the egg from my bag, and placed it on my desk. It was about a foot tall, so whatever was in it must have been pretty big. I laid in bed staring at it for hours, until fatigue got the better of me and I fell asleep. An hour later, I woke up to the sound of clicking. I looked over at the egg, and saw it shaking.
After getting up, I sprinted to the light switch to turn on the lights. But nothing happened
“The meteor must have knocked out the power lines on its way down.” I thought to myself as I ran to the garage to grab a candle and a lighter. I put a candle on the desk, and lit it, watching the egg. After a few minutes, cracks began to appear, until eventually the egg was in pieces, and a small, orange bird like creature stood in its place.
“Torchic!” it squeaked happily. It was bigger than most normal chickens, and this thing only just hatched.
“It turned around, and looked at the flame of the candle. For a few seconds it seemed mesmerized by it until…
“Torchic!” it squeaked again. Suddenly flames poured from its beak, and ignited my curtains.
“Oh Fu…” I began as the smoke alarm began to beep. I picked up the chicken-like creature, and hid it in my cupboard, telling it to stay where it was. I then ran out into the garage again and grabbed the fire extinguisher, and put out the fire.
“Cobalt, why the hell were your curtains on fire?” my mum asked me 20 minutes later. She almost had a heart attack when she heard the smoke alarms go off.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to do some holiday homework. But the power was out, so I lit a candle to see. Accidentally bumped it, and it knocked the curtain.” I said lying through my teeth, hoping the, whatever it was, hadn’t set all my clothes on fire. As dangerous as it was, I wanted to keep it.
Mum went to sleep a few minutes later after making me promise not to set anything else on fire. I went to my room, and found the creature asleep on a pile of clothes in my cupboard. Nothing was singed so I was happy.
“I think I am gonna call you Flare.” I said to it, as it woke up. After seeing it set my room on fire, I thought the name suited it.
I woke up at 1pm the next day. I am lucky I locked the door before I went to sleep, because Flare had left his makeshift bed in my cupboard and was asleep next to me. If mum saw him, she would have freaked.
I got up, and looked around the house. Nobody else was home. I walked back up to my room, and picked up flare, then went down to the kitchen, wondering what this thing eats. I contemplated giving it some of the dogs food, then realised it was chicken flavoured. Not a good idea.
I ended up giving it some bread, while having a bowl of cereal and watching the news.
“At 2:49am exactly in each of the involved time zones, 9 meteors crashed into earth. If the timing isn’t suspicious enough, all of these meteors seem to have split open, and are hollow. This has been giving new ideas to conspiracy theorists, with the most popular idea being aliens.”
The new reporter carried on, but I eventually zoned out. I remembered there was something other than the egg inside the meteor. But I couldn’t remember what. It wasn’t until I grasped the amulet around my neck that I realised what it was.
I pulled the amulet off my neck, and had a look at it. It was round and flat, tied around my neck with a rough string. The amulet itself didn’t look anything special, but seemed to glow dimly. It was light blue, with a white symbol carved into the back of it. What it meant, I don’t know.
I rubbed my finger over the symbol, and suddenly, everything went white around me. When the lighting went back to normal I was in what looked like an ancient tomb. One of the walls had 9 symbols etched into it. I immediately recognised one of them as the same that was on my amulet.
Flare walked up next to me. He must have teleported to this place as well. I looked around, and finally saw a passage, with what looked like daylight at the end. I followed it, as it lead to the rainforest outside. Very little light made it past the canopy, and the humidity was intolerable.
There were rainforests in Australia, but none with these plants. I turned around and walked back into the temple, knowing I wasn’t in Melbourne any more…

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