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Default Re: Spiders.

I hate spiders, but only because they ruined my childhood.

I would get up on Saturday mornings and grab the box of cereal to watch Pokemon and other cartoons. Well, too enthralled with watching Ash, Brock, and Misty venture through Kanto I wasn't paying much attention to what I was eating.

While chewing my Trix cereal, something felt odd. I spat out the contents of my mouth to discover a spider, roughly the size of a soda bottle cap. I had severed a few of the beast's legs and smushed the abdomen.

My shriek woke my apartment neighbors and my parents.

To this day I will not eat Trix cereal, even though I know it wasn't the company's fault, and I kill every spider I can.

I've drowned them in the bathtub, sprayed them with clorox, set them on fire, plucked their legs with tweezers, and other forms of torture.

I know they're good for the ecosystem, but me killing 2-3 a day in my house isn't going to cause any problems.
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